Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat The Unusual Reason 17-Year-Old Says 2 months ago   18:17

Morgan Adams
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Could Have Guessed
Honestly Morgan I sometimes wish you were gay cause you’re my 'celebrity' crush ngl you’re a sweetheart.
Martina Neuman
idc how late i am.
i read the title of this video,
i liked and suscribed.
and then watched it.
Jennifer van Os
I always eat like this, thought it was just a normal thing lmaoooo
I lost it when Ryland looked at the camera and repeated, "are you kidding me" LMAO
Cecelia Kimber
i’m watching this video sitting on my bed eating a homemade quesadilla on a paper plate with my dog.
Aeon M
I find table manner fascinating.
Cherrylle Valentine
Oh I love those two but talking about manners... first of them, don’t cut yourself in when someone is talking 🤦🏼‍♀️ guys... poor lady
Shinji Honda
Carrie bradshaw????
Alyssa Stinnette
This is amazing
It’s a mood when the lady is being all proper and Morgans strap is just falling down 😂😂😂
This how many times u laughed in this video

Littlest Kitten And Proud
This is very basic etiquette. My mother-in-law made me learn French, British and Japanese. But she 80% of the time uses French and I get smacked with a wooden spoon when I forget
PMarie _
Why am I eating cereal trying to eat proper
Mage in Black
I thought it's Nikkie Tutorials
I LOVE Maggiano's. My grandpa and dad both had birthdays in a private room there. Great service and delicious food!
Tini Huber
Americans acting like good manners are a hobby 🙈
Lily’s Era
Normally people who teach how to be proper classes get upset when you aren't listening or doing what they say. The great thing about the lady you went to is that she was nice and knew how to start conversations that everyone at the table can enjoy and that is pretty hard to do. Also she wasn't getting mad at anyone there!
Reina Galvan
“Maggiano’s mukbang is lit”
Lady: “wait it’s what?” 😂 cuts to next part
Reeya Pandit
THIS MADE ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE. She was really nice and cool about it lmao
This video helped me figure out that I have good manners when I eat. Wether it’s fine dining or not.
Galactic Empress
More Lisa!!!
Abbey Martinez
“idk what that means but i’m gonna pretend i didn’t hear that” LMFAOOO IM DEAD
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The Unusual Reason 17-Year-Old Says Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat 2 months ago   03:01

A teen who says she’s obsessed with looking perfect shares why she no longer attends public school.

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