University of Washington Campus Tour How Homeless College Students Get by at California's 2 days ago   03:01

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Check out the University of Washington's main campus, with a look at the natural beauty and architectural wonders that make the campus a Seattle treasure. Plus, you'll see UW President, Michael K. Young at his motorbike-riding finest!


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Asma Nazer
Please upload new video about Washington universities please...
Going to this school as it has such a good law program, but it's a shame when the first thing they mention is Liberal Arts.
This is the cradle for a computer giant of the whole world.
Abi Kerr
I read Bothell as Brothel.....I got confused for a while
Esel Kim
Last time I was in tour group there, there was a green bike in the fountain
Awesome Cake
My sister just got accepted here and I really want to go here as well 😍
Are Tacoma and Bothell campus also UW?
Stella Wright
This is my dream college 💜💛
Very good safety school.
Jesse F2TE
I live in LA and want to do community college first. If I can I want to transfer to udub.
Whale Oh Whale
Does anyone have any advice for affording this school as an out-of-state student? :( It really is my dream school, excluding the cost. It doesn't look like out-of-state students have much luck with financial aid, either.
In 2015 I was so excited to come here after watching this video.
Little did I know the struggle I would endure haha.
Awww Ya
This is my goal! But I'm a freshmen in high school so still four more years 😂
e va
just applied :)
The first video I watched when I came here 2 years ago.
Muhao Zhang
I'll study in the University of Washington Graduate School in the fall 2017, and I want to practice my English. Who can be my language partner? I really hope you add me on Facebook. My Facebook name is Muhao Zhang. By the way, I am from China.
AbdiWuduud Faarax
I'm living in Somalia
Oregon Cephaloproctic LLC
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Richardson Wood (1888-1950).
Best school in the world
Daniel Reef
응 아니에요^^~
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How Homeless College Students Get by at California's University of Washington Campus Tour 2 days ago   07:16

For a shocking number of students, the college experience means living in your car to avoid massive debt. These two students showed us how they get by while homeless and in college.
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1 in 5 college students at Humboldt State University in California are homeless. It's among the worst-affected public colleges in a nationwide crisis. This is what they face every day.

Jasmine is a 23-year-old kinesiology major at Humboldt. She's been living homeless amongst her peers for a year and is open with friends about it to learn who is going through something similar. She has a full ride academic scholarship. She carries what would be her bedroom closet in a shoulder bag.

California's unaffordable housing crisis and the rising cost of college are putting students in a rough spot. An estimated 50,000 students in the California State University system are experiencing homelessness.

Nolan is a junior at Humboldt state studying geology but you'd never know that he's homeless. Nolan lives out of his car. According to Jasmine, 3 or 4 students can be seen sleeping in their cars in the parking lot overnight.

Chante Catt, off-campus housing liaison at HSU, blames the local student homelessness on the housing stock, Airbnb, and the policies and practices of the property managers in the area. Nolan and Jasmine have avoided taking out students loans to pay for housing because of the future financial burden.

For more information and resources on college student homelessness visit and

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