The Cast Remembers: Rory McCann The Cast Remembers: John Bradley 1 day ago   05:06

The actor opens up about his initial reaction to the Red Wedding, fighting Brienne of Tarth and the one thing he won’t miss about working on Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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Nopulau Dah hou
Lots of cunts....

In the comment section 😂.
Sophie Florist
What a babe and a great actor
Taufik Ramdhani
"F*ck off!"
Blackfire 196
If one thing this show has taught me. It was character development. And man did this man do his best
Andrew Jackson
“Half a fuckin’ beard for 3/4 of a year, lookin’ lit a fanny”
joe skiro
A fanny means vagina, correct?
Beanut Butt' Jelly
Hound was literally my favorite character 😂
Dairokuten Maou
The writing of season 8 was f*cking disgusting but man, all of the actors were EXCELLENT
Duchess Archer
I will so miss sandor clegane. I dont care that he was burned, i thought he was attractive. I loved his voice too. Rory you have to give us some hound asmr whispering videos.
what a lovely guy in real life
"I'm a big fucker and I'm tough to kill"
Joon Beck
Yall remember him from Hot Fuzz? Haha
Love him so much :D
Tye Rex
...Rory McCann...😟...🐺
...thank you...😢
Dennis Katz
Amazing job. Rory owned the Hound. Definitely my favorite character on the show. Went out like a champ!
I think The Hound might be the only character who didn't go down the shitter in season 8. Good from beginning to end.
Brienne of fucking taaarth!!
Oh hound. Yer one of me favourites. Thanks for bringing him to life Mr McCann.
Tatiene Yumi Kiwara
T H E B E S T !!!
Saarah Hussain
R.I.P The Hound
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The Cast Remembers: John Bradley The Cast Remembers: Rory McCann 1 day ago   04:46

The actor recalls his favorite day filming in Iceland and what makes Kit Harington an amazing scene partner.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.