I Gave Myself an Early 2000s HOLO ZOMBAE with Simply 7 months ago   21:41

Not all nostalgia is good nostalgia.

In this video, we take a journey back into one of the classiest times in history- the early 2000s. This is a long roast of the pop culture, fashion, hair and makeup of my least favorite time period in recent history + a makeover taking me back to my formative middle school years. And yes, my fingers are still orange.

90s Supermodel Glam & Grunge tutorial: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/rLac50RksDZ

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Alajha Parson
Literally fucking love this
The Princess Diaries 2 I’m pretty sure has the sleepover lol so I find Ashley’s look completely justified😂
Elle Mason
Did it bug anyone else that they said ‘marmalade’ instead of ‘marmalade’ in the song? Cause it bugged me.
Samantha Purdy
The 80's are superior
Sarah W
the age of objectification....
_ bloodshot_ice
am i the only person who lowkey loved how she ended up looking
Sara Roberts
90s were the best! I miss those days!
Honestly... I kinda like the look... lol. It's terrible, true, but there's just something about it... lol
justin wojciechowski
How old are you? I know I shouldn't ask that but your more cultured than most people twice your age it is wonderful... and Torrenting is as alive as anything Napster and LimeWire were the P2P start. Anywho I love the channel you have my sub.
Jocelyn Rios
I don't know what you mean, I LIVE for the early 2000's. It reeks of chaotic "idgaf" energy.
Bunny Games
The early 2000s look like u did the random genetics challenge in the sims 4
Sofia Törning
Lowkey you look kinda cool haha
Sno E Storm
This gives me legitimate PTSD from that era.
Bella Camp
Low-key I didn't live through the early 2000's I was born in 2005
Poly Steve's wife and girlfriend
I used to love butterfly clips
Cady Potter
i was born in 2005
Quinn Fastnow
I'm sorry, but all star is a good song. It's got really cool syncopation too.
Bea Jack
i cant get over how much you look like Cameron Diaz in this makeup
Sarah Woodward
I prefer the term “whale tale” 🐳
Emily Sullivan
I think for those who had older siblings or were just always around older kids and teens, that’s why we view the early 2000’s as continued 90’s. I didn’t get into the trends because I was constantly getting hand me downs from my sister or babysitters. I also grew up in a small town at a ski resort and other than clothing stores filled with winter or athletic gear, the closest store to buy clothes was K-Mart. We’d have to drive 3 hours to the nearest city to find a mall. So at least for me, that’s why 2000-2004ish seems like a lot of the 90’s stuck around.
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HOLO ZOMBAE with Simply I Gave Myself an Early 2000s 7 months ago   14:34

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In this video you will learn how to become a holo zombae. Except that there's little to no useful instruction in this. But every holosexual and every zombae can achieve this look by reaching deep within their souls... a holo zombae lies within us all. Except us gingers because we don't have a soul.

Insanely freakin beautiful glitter was NYX's face and body glitter in 'crystal'.

How to make FX gelatin:


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