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Officially it's the Chinese government's Belt and Road Initiative: The New Silk Road is a trillion-dollar series of infrastructure projects meant to smooth the way for Chinese goods across the globe. It translates to highways, bridges, railways, ports; with a network stretching across Asia, Africa and into Europe. Partner countries are often eager for investment, and for improvements to old infrastructure. But the New Silk Road isn't a charity project. China is lending money, and spreading debt. Sri Lanka even handed a port to the Chinese after nearing default. And then there's the geopolitical significance: China is aiming for new influence on world markets. China’s New Silk Road is a highly centralized plan that leans on loads of cash and diplomacy from Beijing. The original Silk Road by comparison was a loose collection of trade routes that stretched from the Far East across the plains of Central Asia to the Western World. So what's similar apart from the name? You might say that the original Silk Road was where globalization got its start.
For this report by DW's Mathias Bölinger, DW spoke with Jason Jian, International Sales Director of the Broad Group and Ma Haiyun of Frostburg State University.

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Constatine XI P.
The silk route was also blocked by Islamic conquests, especially after the fall of Constantinople 1453. The West then tried finding maritime routes thus leading to 1492. This might be good for some poverty stricken countries but what is their long -term agenda. Revelations talks about a large army coming from the Kings of the east. People have speculated for yrs this army could be Chinese. Seeing what China is doing globally it is more feasible this army could very well be Chinese. I'll have to look up the verse, but I believe it says that army will be 200 million so who else could have an army so huge today? I believe this army is destroyed according to Revelations.
Daniel Bonner
USA EU etc have been given a broken nose by China’s BRI 👊🏿 time new mind...out with these racists zealots in the west...bunch of fagits 🤣🤣👊🏿
BRIdirectory com
Win-Win! ❤️
Milosh Rodich
"React'. I guess it is too late to respond.
Sigh, Malaysia is complaining about a big country bullying smaller states? You remember what Malaysia did to Singapore right? Just call it what it is-pure racism. There are lots of racist Malays who harbor resentment against the Chinese. If you keep being negative and petty, you’ll lose to both small (Singapore) and big (China) countries. Learn about being open and gracious, like the Singaporeans, who despite being predominantly Chinese, embrace other races. Even the Singaporean national anthem is in Malay? I’m not Singaporean but I’m very happy to have lived there for five years. Malaysia is such a beautiful country, rich in history and resources. Get rid of racist extremists and your country will prosper! Stop complaining and bitching, start respecting and cooperating!
Stefan Ciganovic
Here in Europe,Serbia we welcome all Chinese investments! Many new chinese factories arrive we will become hub for Chinese Europe dominance!
Haweya Abdillahi Adhan
Poorly research article Europe and have nothing to offer the world except war and disease plus theft
Ram Sivaji
China must be expelled from WTO trade among democricies only. China dictates, China bribes leaders and opposition leaders to render people helpless and remain slave to China for ever.
Jim Battersbee
I think I'll get my information on the Belt and Road initiative from China, thanks all the same.
The legend of Timbuktu
So you can transfer technology through trade instead of slavery, colonisation, genocide and racism? White people take note
nick f
LOL look at all the chinese trolls here!!!!!! They are just like ants at a picknik aren't they? I discovered an insecticide for them, just ask them about the Tienanmen square massacre! They will run for their lives. They know if they even mention Tienanmen square massacre they will be arrested and imprisoned! Try it, it's FUN and it WORKS! How are you honoring the anniversary of the Tienanmen square massacre?
nick f
Roads to bring the Tienanmen square massacre to YOU too!
How are you honoring the JUNE 4th anniversary of the Tienanmen square massacre?
nick f
Any country that lets china in will regret it. They will pay you back with bullets.
Bob Jones
Once these third world African countries find out how weak the Chinese are without an American market to steal, cheat, and hack from because of President Trump, do you really think they're going to pay your money back? Don't think so, Losers!
First it is the responsibility of the partner country to study the feasibility of the project, including environmental impacts and its ability to repay the loan. If the country decided to build the road you cannot blame the Chinese contractors for "coming in to build the road"!
Second, not paying taxes for all machinery and materials imported into that country is part of the contract terms and conditions. If you ask Chinese contractors to pay the taxes, these amounts would be added to the total contract price. Then the loan amount would be bigger! the host country will end up paying more, at least on the interest. So please do not make a fool of yourself on this issue. It
There are successful cases where Belt and Road brings economic development to the the participating countries, for example, Kazakhstan. Her per capita income tripled since participating in the Belt and Road initiative (BRI). CPAC in Pakistan is another successful story, which western media is paying hardly any attention.
Now even Italy and Switzerland have signed up on the BRI. Angela Merkel of Germany is thinking of leading the whole EU to join the BRI en bloc!
Remember, BRI focuses on building infrastructures that promote economic development in the long term, not war, death, destruction and displacement of millions of innocent people, like what has happened in Iraq , Syria and Libya etc.
China is risking her hard-earned Forex to provide the capital too, for she has no military power to recover any defaulted loans. USA was invited by China to join BRI and participate in the Asia Investment Fund. USA chose to decline.
No doubt there are problems, but please recall that in the past how many projects funded by IMF or the World Bank also failed for various reasons, one of which is corruption by the local government officials.For example, Marcus of Philippines pocketed some US$10 billion from USA government aids and stashed it in banks in Switzerland. The Philippine government had to spend some 20 years to recover only some US$1 billion. So stop whining and work harder. [youtuber: lamdawave]
Steven Kuang
wow the Chinese at 0:02 just does not make any sense. It's 2019 now, when making a video on China related matters, Please at least use GOOGLE TRANSLATE to put something makes sense on the screen.
Harmony Zhou
Deutschtan is out
World Citizen
The Chinese characters at the beginning makes no sense
Benon Ma
Pollution will be speed up.
Benon Ma
Old Silkroad had many colors but now new Silkroad aka Belt-Road have only one color - the Red.
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China: Neue Seidenstraße – neue Belt and Road explained: Where 2 months ago   04:56

Chinas "One Belt, One Road" Initiative verändert den Welthandel. Die Neue Seidenstraße entsteht zu Wasser und zu Land: aus Häfen, Eisenbahnlinien und Straßen. Gebaut und finanziert von chinesischen Firmen mit Staatsauftrag. Ein Signal, welche Rolle China global spielen will.
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