Authorities begin relocating migrants Migrants trying to enter the U.S. 2 days ago   04:10

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Authorities in the Mexican border city of Tijuana have begun removing central american migrants from an overcrowded shelter. Busses are taking them to another location, which is further away from the Mecixan-US border. Recently around 7000 migrants had been staying in the old shelter in a Tijuana sports complex while waiting to reach the US to aply for asylum. Over the last days the conditions in the facility worsened due to its overcrowding and bad weather.

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The news media has now gone dead on this.
Solaris Art Gallery
Fancy that Gates and a wall
Lon W.
Ti juana... not Tia juana. Too funny.
Priest Brooklyn
America & Mexico need to learn from Germany 🌵
leanard flow
This is to the news guy asking all the questions, you can go live with those people in the camp and that should answer all your questions.
Joseph Sokoloski
Go back to the video of tge "line" for food and water.. I had a hard time counting women and children..
On the move
Troy Cox
Deport them
Tacy West
Party over go home devople cottage industry to support self and limit birth to what you can afford that is the American dream and a better life
henryk peterschein
The best conditions they’re get is to go back home.
Dorla Castro
Where are the people who brought them over to suffer.
Dorla Castro
If they had all pulled together to clean up after themselves, they wouldn't be living in sqalor situations.
Darlene d
cry me a river
Troops deployed at US-Mexico border cost about $210 million. Cost of Plump being taken down by Robert Mueller. . . priceless. lol
Michael Baker
There putting them in side wall is it going to work. lets try a wall around our country
M Tabin
This shows their potential contribution to USA: Garbage, lack of initiative to help out to maintain clean surrounding, and future pan handlers for government welfare. They are definitely trained to be democrat - all waiting for a government to give them free food and shelter.
Kathy Aker
It's about time that the government of Mexico takes reganition of how bad this people are from Central America thankyou new president of mexico
Jan Bracewell
Open boarders , then open your wallets bleeding heart liberals , let see how you feel then if you had to support them in your community . Hollywood for example
Suziq darlin
I see NONE of them are signing up for employment... Their interest in free money, food and housing is obvious here.
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Migrants trying to enter the U.S. Authorities begin relocating migrants 2 days ago   12:58

Tens of thousands of migrants from around the world are stranded in Tijuana, Mexico as they try to make it across the border to the United States.

The United States has long been known for welcoming immigrants from around the globe - from refugees fleeing war to opportunity seekers looking for a better quality of life.
These days many migrants attempting to enter the U.S. say they feel like they're being pushed away rather than embraced.

One city bordering the United States that has seen the arrival of an estimated 30-thousand migrants in the last two years is Tijuana. There are more than 30 shelters that house just the migrants from Haiti alone. In fact, one local pastor and his wife have donated land to them with the hope it will become Mexico’s first “Little Haiti.”

Check out Mike Kirsch’s package for “Americas Now” to find out more about these migrants and their life in limbo.

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