How to Vinyl Wrap Interior Trim VVIVID Vinyl - How To Vinyl Wrap 3 months ago   08:55

How to vinyl wrap dash trim of a car or truck. In this vid we are wrapping a 2015 mustang interior dash piece that has a lot of different areas and contours that can be difficult when wrapping.

items used:
Vvivid vinyl:

Heat Gun:

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Thank you for this video! I've wrapped my interior trim now. I just cant work out the last corner and ruin the look of it
Erick Blanco
do you have a link where to get the vinyl wrap? thanks,
jeffrey's finds
You are a total idiot and your video sucks
Kevin Wilson
Nice video
Horrible wrap job. U dont even know how to properly lay that shit
Frank Contreras
Great job bro
what do you do if you scratch the film?
Beavis Wells
Thumbs down if you are a real troll. He wrapped that perfect. Can't wait to give it a try.
Luis Mora
Yea I'll love to do this but im scared to brake my pieces
Thefrench Fancy
Nice little video mate thanks a million very helpful👍
this is way harder than it looks, imma just have to try harder i suppose..
I feel like stretching it with to much heat will cause it to pull back on hot summer days.
Hemi 345
Correct me if I'm wrong but it appears you need just the right amount of heat and of course good quality vinyl ? It's like it almost melted around the piece and you tucked it away....done !
Envelope teaching
Dan Summers
Looks awesome!
Will a hair dryer work?
Where you buy your car parts ?
original YouTube trash
Can you use a normal hair dryer? Or won't they produce enough heat?
Thats definitely a good video. Thanks.
Gerardo Castillo
El mío que tiene hoyos y rendijas quedó bien feo, pues cuando le ponía la pistola de calor, ya dejaba de pegar, creo que de debe a la mala calidad del plástico, mejor lo voy a pintar con plastidip
Nice man,now i will try it too,tnx
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VVIVID Vinyl - How To Vinyl Wrap How to Vinyl Wrap Interior Trim 3 months ago   03:07

With VVIVID Vinyl you can pretty much wrap anything! You can vinyl wrap something as simple as a phone case to something as complex as a toilet! We know because it's been done and one lucky house has their own custom golden throne.

This tutorial shows one of our installers wrapping a BMW M3 rim in VVIVID XPO Matte Black vinyl wrap. Tools used were: a heat-gun (or blowdryer), a standard 3M blue squeegee, a utility knife, an all-purpose cleaner, lint-free wrapping gloves, and a towel.

At VVIVID Vinyl, we've always got you covered! Check out our Youtube Channel for other vinyl wrap tutorials, or our website for more information on our products!