How to Vinyl Wrap Interior Trim Vinyl Wrapping Interior Trim! 5 months ago   08:55

How to vinyl wrap dash trim of a car or truck. In this vid we are wrapping a 2015 mustang interior dash piece that has a lot of different areas and contours that can be difficult when wrapping.

items used:
Vvivid vinyl:

Heat Gun:

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Alex 1
I showed this to my dog, he wrapped his kennel.
steph giles
Hey dude. Great wrap. I'm doing the interior of my car. Problem is, the wrap I have has a see through layer on the top too. Do i take that off or leave it on for protection? I'm not sure what it's for.
hueco mundo
cool video but the music is gay
john kidd
Never mine the clips, that was a great job and looks stunning. Thanks for your Vid, I think it will help many doing or thinking of doing a wrap
Juan Silver Torrez
musica de mrd que hace dar sueño..mejora esas estupideces en tus proximos videos
James Heracious
How long does the wrap last?? Wanting to wrap my center console but I dont want it peeling. Thanks
mike gellner
Can't watch !!!! Music is so ANNOYING !!!!!
the Anything Videos
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Thank you very much.
Shah Alam
Another ACN style business model where you end up working for him.
Eric Clarke
will this work for a dashboard that has hairline cracks? Is it it thick enough to hide irregularities in the surface or must the surface be perfectly smooth?
Pushing 4Better
damn tom music and watch choice are killing me. But great job looks nice
RCbashing the KRATON
awesome job bro...awesome music choice
Cool this is 5D or 6D vinyl?
Terence Rucker
Couldn't deal with the music!! Arghhh..... Can't somebody come up with new tunes for these videos?!
I'd rather hear the heat gun than this awful "music"
Fedor Everts
nice result
Whats the first techno song called?
Yes It's Me
Would not do carbon, otherwise you get to tell everybody it's fake.
Oleg Panaite
Cool gear s3 classic)
15 DurangoRT
Wow! More techno! Just what we needed!
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Vinyl Wrapping Interior Trim! How to Vinyl Wrap Interior Trim 5 months ago   13:12

In today's video, i wrap some interior trim pieces on my Focus ST with some 3M DiNOC Carbon Vinyl. After lots of patience, I really like how it came out!



Song used- Not Too Cray