Grimes - We Appreciate Power (Lyric The Most Compelling Police Interrogations 2 weeks ago   05:43

"We Appreciate Power" by Grimes, out now on all services:

Directed by Grimes and Mac Boucher

Zekia Rina

Concept - Grimes

Producers - Ryan Bradley / Mac Boucher
Editor - Grimes
Color - Grimes
DoP - Mac Boucher
Production Designer - Natalie Falt
1st AC - Jay Janocko
Jib Operator - Victor J. Pancerev
Gaffer - Ante Cheng
Key Grip - Ryan Mcdonough
BBE - Yair Halper
BBG - Sebastian Schrils
Swing - Kyle Thor
Art Director - Danielle Kauffman
Art Swing - Kevin Reyes
Carpenter - Sarah Elisabeth Little
Art PA - Scott Dragoo
Art PA - Shante Cosme
Costume - Bizarre Fetish Couture
DIT - Shiblon Wixom
Key PA - Chris Nicolas
PA - Joao Quintella
Styling/ makeup: Grimes and Hana
Special thanks to Emilio Martinez

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I cant get it out of my head
Wig: Capitulated
Lady Bubblegum ASMR
Strong Orgy vibes
alberto laureano
This literally is exactly like a poppy song/video
Dear Grimes
Thank you for making art like this
Herman Brock
Слушаю уже неделю и не собираюсь капитулировать!
christian woehrle
Does it BEGIN ?
Emeric Switch
Any one else hear peanut butter baby tho?
NicoThe CrystalGem
Morx Sapiens
It's like a Fifa 2006 song
Aurora Dias
Pledge allegiance to the world's most powerful Trent Reznor.
She probably used an automatic translator, I am reading mistakes in japanese, portuguese and spanish. It's not a negative criticism I think using an automatic translator fits the song's theme, it makes it even better.
Jozef Kozák
I just feel that there are some elements of Doom soundtrack :3
Eglė Ratkevičiūtė
Kaela Land
god hates salma
wig: missing
Vapordo Waveordo
I only here for grimes
0:26 She looks like Pandorya o.o!!!
Space Cadet Silver Boots
I’ve been watching this for a couple of weeks now and I just wanna ask.... what the fuck is going on here ? 🤔
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The Most Compelling Police Interrogations Grimes - We Appreciate Power (Lyric 2 weeks ago   19:49

In depth analysis of the following police interrogations;
1. Adele Sorella
2. Elaine Campione
3. Nikolas Cruz
4. Col. Russel Williams
Intro -

*All used footage is from public records which have been released by their respective police departments & district courts. To watch the full unedited versions of any of the footage used, simply youtube search the name of the interviewee + "interrogation”.