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19-09 Denver: A Midsummer Night's | 12 Most Amazing Abandoned Technology - At Up-Tube.com

19-09 Denver: A Midsummer Night's 12 Most Amazing Abandoned Technology 1 day ago   14:34

Follows I-70 West from the outskirts to I-25 South through downtown during nightfall. Please stay for the Director's Commentary at the end of the video.

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Jonathan Jacobson
Very cool to see the Front Range in the distance. Denver surely got a beautiful background.
I really loved seeing the front range from that far out! Great video as always. Saw some pictures from I 70 near Limon of pikes peak. Crazy how far away you can see the mountains some places. Great video as always Jim!
Elvira Arriaga
Great Highway Footage Video and Background Music & Comments 👍 ❤
eddie illz
Make a video riding around buffalo ny and Toronto
Thanks lovely video. I was born and raised near Denver but recently moved to Nashville. I miss Colorado so this is great memories
Teresa Mack
Nice video but when you took the detour it robbed us of seeing a good nighttime skyline view driving INTO downtown since those are usually the best downtown views in a city. Also being in Denver which is a HUGE sports town and passing Mile High Stadium I would think that you would have pointed that out, and lastly heading out to the Denver Tech Center it would have been nice to get a nice evening shot of the Rocky Mountains before it got too dark. Still a very nice video though..... the sunset; WOW!!
Juan Tiniguar
Denver is pretty
Samantha Smiddy
I live in denver. the sunsets are absolutely amazing there. i recommend going to aspen during the spring or fall. the drive is beautiful. or go to lookout mountain
Denver is where I fell in love with the Rockies. I was there for tech school while in the Air Force at Lowery (now closed). This from a boy raised in DC how had only seen the mountains on tv and in books. My breath as taken away at the site of these huge rocks on the horizon. The best time of my life and I go back often - not to Denver, but the Rockies.

Thanks Jim for taking us along.
thanks for sharing, nice scenery.
Dirk Diggler
Where's the traffic at😆 hardly anyone on the road smooth sailing 😎👍
Derek Derek
Are you related to Steve Wozniak?
Dzmitry Funk
This state sucks now
Little E Franklin
Cool video! I moved away, I still can't believe I haven't been back to visit.
Levi Andasola
@ 5:10 the wretched stench of the pet food plant can often be smelled for miles and miles!
Ricky Zeichner
I live in the Denver area and I love it. Thanks for passing by my town Jim! Great video! Keep up the great work!
kelly mcclure
That sunset!!
kelly mcclure
I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It ALMOST fulfills my addiction to get on the road again, and doesn’t scare me like my husband’s driving does. I would rather do all the driving myself.
kelly mcclure
I just got back to Tennessee from there, oh how I miss the Rockies!!
Falling_To_Wonderland !
I moved away from Denver and I miss it so much, it was nice to drive through all the areas I used to drive everyday again. Beautiful view as well
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12 Most Amazing Abandoned Technology 19-09 Denver: A Midsummer Night's 1 day ago   09:46

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