10 Hidden Gems on Netflix to Watch MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds In The World! 10 months ago   07:11

These are 10 Netflix originals more people should be watching. With Netflix producing so many original movies, it’s becoming more difficult to browse the service to find the movies you’d like to watch. While some of their films have been getting a lot of attention like Bird Box, Beasts of No Nation and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, there are other original films on Netflix that have flown under the radar. Based on the original movies we’ve seen over the last few years, along with those recommended by viewers on this channel, here are 10 hidden gems on Netflix that are available to watch right now.

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Top 10 Netflix Original Movies
Top 10 Netflix Original Series
10 Hidden Gems on Netflix (TV Shows)




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What is your favorite Netflix "Original Movie" that you think needs more attention? Thanks for watching :)
Kristine Willems
Who am I, was a one of a kind to me ⭐️
San's Shiber
Mudbound is a must watch
George Buchan
RoboCop 😀😀😀
Yes it is! Unbelievable... Tryn to scan through movies😒... Ugh! 😉Thanx
Evie Hammond
Bird Box BLEW!!
Steven Nicholls
It's not a movie but a series called Babylon Berlin, I enjoyed the mini series.
phil herrup
TIME TRAP, is a really good sci-fi movie as well , I really enjoyed it
Nikki St. Clair
phil herrup
The comment section did not disappoint, great job guys lol
Mahmood R Thomas
ok sniper
Dirk gently is my fav show eva
Stalwart Shinobi
Apostle and Mute are my fave netflix originals
am I the only one who thought the bird box was rly borinG?
Nicole HJ
Barry Moran
Ex Machina for sci-fi fans is a great watch ! As good as any episode of black mirror.
Wardah Tynna Yusof
Pause the video, then scroll down the comments... I might found a good recommendation... 😂
John Hudson
Money Heist is great!
Dmitri M
I really liked Apostle.....it was different from most horror/dramas
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MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds In The World! 10 Hidden Gems on Netflix to Watch 10 months ago   11:39

Top most dangerous dog breeds! Watch this video to find out about all of the most dangerous breeds in the world like the rottweiler and all of the world’s most dangerous dog breeds!

7. German Shepherd

German Shepherds were bred as herding dogs and began gaining popularity in the United States in the 1900s. These pups can grow from twenty-two to twenty-six inches tall at the shoulder and weigh up to ninety pounds. They are very courageous, loyal, and confident but need regular training and socialization. German Shepherds are very connected to their families and want to please their owners. Their athletic ability and willingness to protect their loved ones can be dangerous if they’re allowed to run wild. German Shepherds also don’t make friends quickly with new people; so, be cautious when meeting one for the first time.

6. Caucasian Shepherd

As you probably figured out by its name, this breed started out protecting livestock and property from predators around the Kavkaz mountain range in Eastern Europe. They stand at about thirty inches tall and weigh up to one hundred seventy pounds. Caucasian Shepherds are companions and watchdogs in the present-day. These pups need a lot of training because they are highly intelligent and independent. They are also extremely protective of their owners and their territory, which isn’t shocking since they were bred to be that way. However, it’s probably not the best idea to let people come into your house if you own a Caucasian Shepherd.

5. Wolfdog

Wolfdogs are the results of domesticated pooches breeding with wolves. Their behavior is often unpredictable because they have a wide variety of genetic characteristics. One example is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, which is very independent and dominant and was initially bred for border patrol in Czechoslovakia. They’re wary of all strangers and can be very dangerous if they’re not strictly trained. They grow up to twenty-five and a half inches tall and weigh up to fifty-seven pounds. They look very similar to regular wolves, and it’s best not to approach one that isn’t your own.