Qatar: Dragging its feet over "We're surrounded by the craziest people" 2 days ago   26:07

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As Qatar marks two years under blockade, DW’s Conflict Zone meets foreign ministry spokesperson Lolwah Al-Khater, who rejects the allegations of Arab neighbors that Doha is supporting terrorism. And on the need for reforms over human rights and its treatment of migrant workers, is it doing only the minimum? “We are the best when it comes to our region,” she tells host Tim Sebastian.
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Cutler Gross
I invite Tim to interview me lol
Cutler Gross
why is he talking to her like a child lol
mohamed toubar
I love this guy now thats how you face liers with undenieble evidence well done tim really liked this interview keep going
qasim ali
through out interview he sticks to single point "conflict zone"
he is never polite or soft during interview
he is die hard professional
but he has a problem that he does not listen at all
AL Mujib
Did you really have to go that low DW? What happened? Is your viewership that low that you had to accept Saudi/Emirati money? This interview is clearly funded by them. And don't tell me that you're unbiased, I'm sure the Saudi officials are not scolded like this.
beso 777
shes nothing but a terrorist prostitute 😂
Tad Pet
It is ...
Sun Shine
Lixi i
What kind of a glorious independent country blames others for all its decisions and policies lol plus as i know it’s not a blockade it’s just a “boycott”
Lixi i
It’s non of my business but this is so embarrassing I couldn’t watch lol
Nasser Almikhlafi
Tim Sebastian interviewing Tim Sebastian 🤦
And I thought these kind of interviews are Arabic media exclusive 😓
عمار آل صالح
Qatar has supported terrorists since 1996 until now. They used Al-jazzera and Charities to funding radical Islamism. Also, Qatar pretends to the Western countries that they liberal whereas in the Middle East they use hatred speech and encouraged young people by charity and media to join ISIS and other groups. The last thing I want to say is when the Arab states blocked Qatar, ISIS and other terrorist groups almost disappear!
تشنجت الخاطر كثير في هذا اللقاء ،،،لكنها صغيره في السن و بتكتسب الخبره مع الوقت ،،،،لكن اذا هذا مستوى شبابكم و شاباتكم فيا قطر انتي بخير
Suli Almajed
Please answer the f****n question .. pleaseeeeeeee
Sis tried very well but I think these kind of Questions no one can deal with it except Adel Aljubeir.!! And I’m fan of Tim Anymore but u should give a chance to her point!!
Mahmoud eliraki
Qatar the biggest supporter of terrorism
Sultan Al Meraikhi
thats a state official lmao
Mohamed Hamza
She deserves it.
Qatar lost both the west, their Neighbors, and now they lost their minds
what a loser country
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"We're surrounded by the craziest people" Qatar: Dragging its feet over 2 days ago   25:51

Tim Sebastian interviews Naftali Bennett, Israeli Minister of Education and leader of the right-wing Jewish Home Party.