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Is Germany Making Europe Dependent | Дания Затормозила Откатопровод "северный - At Up-Tube.com

Is Germany making Europe dependent Дания затормозила откатопровод "Северный 1 day ago   06:59

DW News
Germany's plans for a pipeline supplying Russian gas have been thrown into doubt. The US ambassador to Berlin has urged Germany to ditch the Nord Stream 2 project. And now France says it could halt the construction process by subjecting the Russian company building it to tougher European Union rules. Critics say the pipeline - due to start pumping later this year - will make Germany dependent on Moscow and undermine European security. That leaves a key part of Germany's energy strategy under threat.
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วิวัฒน์ ภิญโญสโมสร
Dependent on Russia, Getting Cheaper price Gas. Dependent on America Getting more Expensive Gas. EU must choose the best european way of life which way you want to go. Putin does't mind whatever EU likes or dislikes him after buying Gas. Putin virtually only needs friendly bilateral trade that makes the global economics running ahead. Money in your wallet is yours or you want someone to pickpocket your money. Depend on you. Good luck.
Adolf Hittler
Boycott US goods no need to
Josh Yang
No gas from the Russian only gas from your master - America MAGA
Bill Parr
If you find US army base in you're country then you're country is a vessel state of US.
USA Dominates
Germany and Europe need to wake up and realize Russia is not their friend. How soon you forget the cold war and how Russia and their ideals and aggression were at your doorstep. Anybody can tell you that Russia is a Corrupt, Evil, and Devious country and don't you realize they are currently under UN sanction for their misbehavior. Is common sense that uncommon in Europe these days. The USA is not trying to control you but to help you and point out the dangerous path you are taking !!!
USA Dominates
Russia will not give security to Germany but will instead hold control over them. The USA feels like the parent and Germany is a little child and doesn't see how dangerous their actions are. You have the #1 exporter of energy (USA) right next door and yet you make deals with the enemy who NATO is trying to protect you against and Russia is also being sanctioned for criminal and devious activities. Do we need to continue to spell it out that Russia is not a country you want to be making deals with for obvious reasons.
USA Dominates
Germany needs to Wake Up and stop pretending and making excuses that being dependent on Russian energy is a good thing. Have you forgot so soon how Russia and the Iron Curtain was at your doorstep during the cold war. Russia is looking out for their best welfare and not yours. Once they have control of energy they have control in a large measure over you. You are decommissioning your last 3 nuclear plants in 2022 and your out of coal and have very few if any supplies of gas and oil. Once Stop being Naive and realize you need to get your energy from somebody NATO is trying to protect you against. The USA has military bases in your country to protect you against Russia and they you make deals with them. Cant you see and understand how wrong that it and how vulnerable you will become. We are trying to help you see the obvious and you need to stop being stubborn and difficult and find other sources of energy besides Russia. Dont be mad at the USA and instead use some common sense!!!
will engel
what is actually at stake is the ever dwindling almighty Petrodollar. Russia wants its trade partner to pay in either Euro or Renminbi. bypass the USD. US can strongarm the Europeans to buy more expensive US LNG all the way from US, if it has its way. LOL
It's time for Merkel to go... she needs to go to a nice nursing home....
Victor Chen
Its interdependency. The USA wants the world to depend on them alone
Robert Graham
gas problem can be solved by free energy - Russia will have to sell.
Emm Kaa
No they are not ... Another FAKENEWS from Agent Orange !!!!!!!
Nedim Ramic
us want sell their 30% expensive gas to Europe .
Leo Geekiyanage
EU is a puppet of USA
Leo Geekiyanage
IS Germany going to dependent on USA?
theophili gaare
Make Europe great again .Russia is part of Europe it is always good to have relationship with your neighbouring nations especially Russia.
First Last
Is the mainstream media making DW (as well as VICE and Vox) dependent on conspiracy theories?
Cheah KokWah
Do whatever is good for your country. Forget the bullying US. Russia is not going to invade anyone. This was fabricated by the US fear mongering. Peace 🤩
Colonel Chuck
USA sure looks out for its allies and friends not wanting them to become dependent on Russian oil and gas, but Complete Dependency on USA oil/gas at sky high prices. No country in their right mind should be dependent on any one country for its life blood--oil!
Mohammad Ashraf
If this project is uneconomical then it should be the headach of the investors and not the third parties, isnt it?
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Дания затормозила откатопровод "Северный Is Germany making Europe dependent 1 day ago   01:04

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