Is Germany making Europe dependent 🇷🇺🌍Russsian pipeline in Europe faces 2 days ago   06:59

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Germany's plans for a pipeline supplying Russian gas have been thrown into doubt. The US ambassador to Berlin has urged Germany to ditch the Nord Stream 2 project. And now France says it could halt the construction process by subjecting the Russian company building it to tougher European Union rules. Critics say the pipeline - due to start pumping later this year - will make Germany dependent on Moscow and undermine European security. That leaves a key part of Germany's energy strategy under threat.

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Tobil Tok
You refuse palm oil from Indonesia for fear that your vegetable oil industry will lose out in competing prices for absurd reasons. if I'm not mistaken free trade fair is out of the western media but in reality you are afraid of competition.
Donkey Kong
Russian gas is a lot closer & thus cheaper than American gas, this is what this is all about. If I’m Germany I would be friendly to neighbors instead of Uncle Sam who’s far away.
you buy it not from Russia, but from putin.
Ishri Rampersad
I ask an innocent question. Is DW anti German newspaper? They seem always at the seam excuse the pun with is controversial stance on major matters of interest very often contrarian. I know very little of its editorial position or any other aspect of its existence.
zahid zada
Good decision, free Europe from US depends.
Trent Mcgready
DW News is more trust worthy than the rest of the Media. Like BBC and any American funded News agencies
Adeline Yee
Why is anyone so suspicious of the supplier like Russia! You mean to say buy from America doesn’t have dependence on US ???? All these are POLITICAL!!!!
North Stream Pipeline 2 is Germany's best option. The USA LNG will cost too much massive.
Dependent on USA is a better deal???? Cranktankerous trump
Chinzahau Guite
Germany is waking up atlast .....way to go not.btw am not a fan of Russia either
Daniel Bonner
Ukraine is fcuked 🤣🤣
Toby Rose
Nord...gas line.. France actually works a lot with Russian do Germany It's a European thing....
Darko Fius
...Poland, advocate of US LNG will pay additionally 19 to 20 billion dollars within 20 year contract period for their present intake volumes, as the needs increase and volatility sets in, these figures might double, security of supply is very risky, and real options have been shunted away, so no additional supply except LNG. The same supply vories are clouding Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, all fortfaited their security and diversity of supply to distant, overseas sources, which as we know by now to often do not keep their obligations, or deliveries if their lawyers, or politicians find the way not to. Ukraine, main transit route for Russian gas have known shortcomings, storage and redelivery enormous shorts worth millions if not billions while oligarchs enriched themselves by manipulating gas figures, often said to be by "stealing", then the same oligarch embarked on plundering rampage within Ukraine itself, and with "friendly" help of intelligence agencies, one noted US flag on their forefront government intelligence building, continued with escapades one cannot comprehend.
Lwando Pauli
There is not even one mention of the cost to benefit ratio between the two prepossed gas sources viza vi Rus & Us.
Using more gas to replace nuclear power... that's going the wrong way.
Milivoj Krasnic
Why would Europe ever be dependent on Russia? I'm sure EU countries would gladly buy gas from, say, USA, if it was cheaper, but it's not. Not like Russia prevents anyone from buying gas from whom ever they like (like the USA does)
jamaludeen ibrahim
either German depending on Russian or not what is the us business
Peter Roberts
No. Diverse supply. Cheaper. They can still buy from other sources.
Tarak al huseini
“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” Henry Kissinger.
Amir Hasan
Germany mustn't depending on others
But the American depending so much Israel n the Saudis
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🇷🇺🌍Russsian pipeline in Europe faces Is Germany making Europe dependent 2 days ago   02:57

As world leaders vie for a say in Europe's energy market - one country is caught in the middle. Denmark's consent is required before the final section of a controversial Russian pipeline can be completed. But opinion over this is divided.

Al Jazeera's Fleur Launspach reports from Copenhagen.

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