Is Germany making Europe dependent What Angela Merkel's exit 2 days ago   06:59

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Germany's plans for a pipeline supplying Russian gas have been thrown into doubt. The US ambassador to Berlin has urged Germany to ditch the Nord Stream 2 project. And now France says it could halt the construction process by subjecting the Russian company building it to tougher European Union rules. Critics say the pipeline - due to start pumping later this year - will make Germany dependent on Moscow and undermine European security. That leaves a key part of Germany's energy strategy under threat.

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manoj tewatia
Shocking Europe being dependent. What a joke
So EU wants to lose another (arguably the most important) member as UK is on its way out.
Russia has proven it's a reliable partner. Macron is stupid. US doesn't want business partners but obedient vassals for it's 5x price glp.
Noboil Frog
Well done France, we'll have US LPG shipped in at best bud rates, it's not like they would stop supply if we upset our poodle master.
Qinby 1
*BUY FROM US WE ARE NICE* Says the country putting sanctions on us……
Is it only me or are others also recognising a pattern???
Jakaŭ ישראל
Okay, DW News. Listen to this. Russia is a part of the European continent. Europe without Russia is no longer "Europe" You know which country is not on the European continent? My country, the United States. Russia needs to work with its European counterparts. FFS!
it should go up in smoke
Jānis Rišis
Its puloting my swiming sea pay me for my health.
grimm reaper
pay more for US gas. lol
Huntersmoonx Grim
Why do we defend the EU in NATO again? Something something Russia threat?
Anton Kramer
America is the main cause for the tensions between Russia and Europa. And it is about time Europa gets more independent from the USA and work on better relations with Russia
u mya win
For the long term interest, RF should not make long term energy contracts with EU (not a faithful market , can be bullied with contract violation and other problems etc), should be 5 or 10 years with renewal terms.
Zulubal Andre
it is more like the story of two grooms fighting a duel for the dowry...
Germany is making it accessible to do what they couldn't in the 1940's
Gus Scott
NO, this will just bypass the freeloading Ukrainian pipeline
Philipe Marchal
It's not like all other sources of energy are suddenly going to vanish because the pipe line is built. Germany can by both russian and american gas.
devil quran
death to america
Mario Judeu-Casella
If the US stop buying German manufactured goods, Germany won't need Gazprom gaz at all😅😅😅
Alvaro CAro
I think it's the other way around
Kushal Kumar
According  to 
news  report  published 
on  11  February 
2019  ,  work 
on  the  1225 
km  Nord  Stream 
2  pipeline  under 
the  Baltic  Sea 
is  set  to 
be  completed  in 
2019  by  Russia 
,  which  is 
said  to  have 
angered  several  EU 
countries.  The  EU 
wants  to  bring 
the  gas  pipeline 
coming  into  its 
bloc  under  its 
rules.  On  8 
February  2019  , 
France  and  Germany 
overcame  their  differences 
to  join  EU 
nations  backed  plan 
to  regulate  Russia’s 
Nord  Stream  2 
pipeline  passing  through 
its  bloc. The    issue 
could  generate  heat 
because  the  pipeline 
is  expected  to 
enhance  Russia’s  gas 
supply  substantially.   Russia 
,  on  the 
other  hand  , 
reported  to  have 
reacted  by  saying 
that  concerned  nations 
will  have  gas 
problems  if  an 
effort  is  made 
to  stop  the 
Nord  Stream  2.   It  is 
,  however  , 
apt  to   bring 
out  here  this 
Vedic  astrology  writer’s 
alert  for  more 
care  and  appropriate 
strategy  through  “ 
World  Predictions  2019” 
in  the  public 
domain  since  November 
2018.  It  was 
predicted  that  some 
controversy  related  to  gas
energy  resources   between 
Russia  and  EU/Baltic 
States  could  come 
up  during  a 
period  commencing  a 
little  before  the 
2018  comes  to  a 
close  spawning  over 
to  first  three 
months  of  2019  ,  more 
so  in  February 
-March.  The  news 
report  suggests  that 
this  writer’s  indication 
has  been  meaningful.
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What Angela Merkel's exit Is Germany making Europe dependent 2 days ago   08:03

The European Union is about to lose one of its last anti-populist voices.

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