The Batman's Alfred Is A Very Different How To Do a Perfect Gollum w/ Andy Serkis 1 day ago   10:02

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Andy Serkis Is Exactly What DC Movie Fans Need
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Andy Serkis is an actor that you might not recognize, but you definitely know his work.

From Gollum to Caesar to Ulysees Klau, Serkis has taken on some really big roles and in massive franchises.

And now, he has been cast in the role of Alfred Pennyworth in DC’s The Batman, taking on a character that is beloved by many movie fans the world over. And it is some big shoes to fill.

Many people have taken on the role. Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine, Michael Gough...a good number of fantastic actors have played the part of Bruce Wayne’s surrogate father-figure and butler, so Serkis definitely has to step up.

And this role may prove a bit difficult for the actor, as it is quite different from what we have seen from him before. How so you ask? Well, in this video we are going to take a look at the actor’s previous roles, and why Alfred’s part in Batman’s life, may prove a challenge for Andy Serkis.

Kick back, have a spot of tea, and let’s dive right in.

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Ian Clinton
Last time I was this early Alfred was still in the army
Hassan Syed
Andy Serkis should've been penguin to be honest.
Tyler Davis
This is disrepectful. Andy serkis can do any role. Just watch him in the prestige, he can definitely play Alfred pennyworth.
Bojan Marsič
He is a a great actor. But usually Alfred is taller and older.
He will be asome. I hope that they give him a great fight scene. Not just a butler.
Buddah Ganja
People need to know that Alfred is a total bad ass. He is no slouch when it comes to hand to hand combat. I mean he was Bruce Wayne's care taker. I think he would do just fine
Lee Miller
Everything Serkis does in film is gold, he will be great as Alfred. I am still not convinced that Pattinson is the best man to play The Batman though......
Mark Curtis
I have high hopes for this movie but, DC doesn't have a very good record lately.
They need to keep their politics and SJWs well in hand or this too shall tank.
Suraj Deshmukh
i love this casting
Meme Pls
Please no star wars spoilers thank you
Samuel Choo
Andy Serkis is an amazing actor but I honestly thought they were gonna cast Colin Firth, lol.
Mister skaloosh
I understood that reference! 😂
Sean Pertwee in the Gotham Series is BY FAR My Favorite version of Alfred to Date....He is Amazing!!!
Alfred will help elavavte the emotional aspect in the movie with his quotes like in then dark knight and Micheal Kane.
He’ll probably provide emotional support to batman
/ Konivore \
Reallly liked Jeremy Irons though.
Steve Johnson
Stretch.. didn’t finish the video
Mustafa Atasoy
I cannot believe you didn't mention The Prestige.
Erik Reyes
could have been.better if hes the new penguin
Well Chris Nolan’s pennyworth was military. Gotham tv series was the same. So he could be South African military instead of Britain’s.
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How To Do a Perfect Gollum w/ Andy Serkis The Batman's Alfred Is A Very Different 1 day ago   04:49

James asks his guest Andy Serkis about his new film, "Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle," and doing the motion capture for Baloo, and Andy agrees to show James how he does King Kong and "The Lord of The Rings" legend, Gollum.

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