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Peter McKinnon
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Kevin Pham
I was following along up until the snowy mountain in a desert. But I have to say that I love the outlandish edits just for creativity's sake and making me think about how I should edit my photos and reminding me of several tools that I never bother to use. I would never do that to that specific photo but it is very interesting to watch others work and listen to their thought process. Good vid! Love your energy too.
Troy norton
What editing software/ program does he use?
Richard Loesener
I appreciate that you appreciate me
Being Myself
Is no one talking about the fact the background music in the start was the dance break of "gotta go" of Chung Ha?
ROS King
What program does he use for this?
Why do I hear Chungha's gotta go ??
prod. Volttaone
I realllly llloooove your editing of the bus🔥✌🔥
ßặśěł El_Zäīٍñ
If you have any friends from Egypt< ask them what that's mean (وسعت منك يا صحبي, حوار الجبل ده حوار فكسان)
"I feel like there should be a mountain there" *wait what?*
Alex Niedt
I feel like you're defaulting to imposing your style onto everything rather than working to bring out the photographers' intentions.
Oh hey I've seen the edited arctic photo. I think adobe featured it on their page.
The Wiedźmin
Most of the shots are so dope that really don't need any editing IMO!
BTW why mountain?! LOL
Magunga Williams
A song of ice and fire - Desert Ice Mountail
I know editing a 30 minute video can be tough, there's always a lot of stuff to review. But when you drop the ball and forget an insert shot or don't show a photo at all it really ruins the flow of the video. If 30 minutes is too hard, maybe try a shorter length video and work your way up. You're very close, and the show concept is very fun. Good luck!
You have 2 suns in that desert mountain with snow on it...
Othmane El hammoumi
Hi guys My name is Othmane If you want to learn Adobe Premiere Pro check my YouTube channel to learn montage in a very easy way For the beginners
23:40 wow beautiful
Gerrit Venter
LOVED it!! Loved these edits!!
you know nothing, Jon Snow
Xavier Blaze
I always like your content and your photos, but I'm sorry these edits look really fake. They look too saturated and kinda stockish. No hate , honestly love your videos. I liked the cheteah photo and the last one , they were really good.
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PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Editing YOUR Photos!! 3 months ago   14:34

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