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Tension and spring back banner stands, also referred to as X-back or spider stands are our economical option. Tension stands have the full color banner graphics printed separately and is not permanently attached to the hardware. The stands are set up easily and then the banner is attached manually by the user by inserting threaded rods through the corner grommets of the banner, or by attaching the top and bottom rail system. Tension displays are a great selection for a customer who is on a budget or has a need to frequently change their message and graphics without incurring the costs of purchasing new hardware.

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X Stands - Lightweight, economy Banner Tension Banner Stand Ad 6 months ago   01:34

The X-Banner Stand is Printastic's entry level solution for easy presentation of printed vinyl banners. The lightweight "spider" design of the unit is ideal for use in any environment where fast set up and a small overall footprint is desired. For maximum flexibility, the X-Banner stand is available in your choice of two sizes - 24"x62" and 31.5"x79".