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Carrot Top - Losing Your Props | Ari Shaffir - Smuggling Weed - This - At Up-Tube.com

Carrot Top - Losing Your Props Ari Shaffir - Smuggling Weed - This 1 week ago   10:58

Comedy Central Stand-Up
Carrot Top’s act goes up in smoke after the comedy club that’s storing his props burns down. (Contains strong language.)

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Now hosted by Roy Wood Jr., This Is Not Happening features long-form storytelling from stand-up comedians, musicians and more. These outrageous stories show why real-life experiences always make the best material.

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Comments 1491 Comments

Howbo Sanap
Why do people hate him? I dont get it
Childish Chiquillo
I thought this was a woman, that just looked like she had seen some things.
Bruce Wayne
I enjoyed him with no props.........he should just start telling his life stories=comedy. And I enjoy the King of Props as is he is.
Nicholas Maietta
Wow he went downhill.
Della K. Sigler
Top sounds like he used his real voice her.
Adam Murray
At the Stardome in Birmingham they have a framed burned up carrot top t-shirt from that weekend.
Salty Medpac
his hair dosent look like its connected, its like an aura
clacid idk
It's me on crack again 😂💀
Gypsy Dangerlove
Never thought I'd say it but, I'd go seem him if he came to my city. After all, he is a legend.
Sewer Tapes
God dammit, DC, pleas cast Carrot Top as The Riddler.
A Mailman
Is this the kid that played Cher's son in that movie "Mask"?
Ugly creepy lookin mf
Nick Olsen
He looks like if Dave Mustaine had AIDS was hit by a train and died a week ago.
Freddie Hankins
He could've also played that evil clown in the It movie remake
Willie Green
He not naturally funny
Impartial Ted
This man is sick. Some one put checks and balances on him for the love of God
MadCap Beats
Birmingham, AL is a two hour drive. Roll Tide.
Preston Davis
😂😂 who doesn't like Carrot Top... I've been laughing at him since Cartoon Network👍👍
this was an awful set. entirely unfunny, and dreadfully boring.
Iam Impossibru
Carrot Top used to beg for money at Orlando International Airport back in the late 90's/ early 2000's. No respect for this obvious drug addict.
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Ari Shaffir - Smuggling Weed - This Carrot Top - Losing Your Props 1 week ago   12:03

Ari Shaffir runs into some trouble when he tries to covertly carry pot gummy bears through customs in Australia.

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