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Actors On Actors: Jessica Lange | Jessica Lange Wins An Emmy - At Up-Tube.com

Actors on Actors: Jessica Lange Jessica Lange wins an Emmy 11 months ago   11:30


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I love Jessica Lange. She’s up there in the league with Meryl Streep. I have no idea who the woman is she’s talking to. I’ve never seen her or heard of her before. They did show a split second clip of her in a jail orange outfit, so I figure that’s Orange is the New Black. I’ve seen that poster enough. Never saw the show. I know it has a following. It’s never interested me enough to be curious to watch it. They should’ve got a bigger name to sit with Jessica. Meryl Streep would’ve made this legendary. Although they’d have to make it longer than an hour.
Lennon Torres
Taylor seems so in awe of her it’s so sweet I would be to in that situation with either of them honestly how did I not find this video till now this makes my heart happy
David Eaton
I would give anything to listen to them talk like this all day. Just........wow!
Mary Butterfly
Wow, I love these two together
For all of you who just couldn't resist to hit the Dislike, In the Waste of time it took to do that, just stick your finger up you're Asses, Next time instead!! Put your Fingers to some Good use
Cak Redi
I'm pretty sure they are twins that were separated by time machine.
Lisa Stone
Two insanely beautiful & brilliant ladies of the theatre! What fun to see how much they like and respect each other. Just a great little film -- a real treat. Someone HAS TO get these two together for a project -- we, the fans, have spoken!! Love them both so much! C'mon, producers, get the ball rolling! 😊💖😊💖🌟
how taylor speaks is almost feels like piper
Gywn Shelmerdine
Loved you from King Kong, Francis Farmer blew me away American Horror got me.Then you left!! 😟😕☹️😯😬 Long Live Jessica Lange. 😊🌞💓Xx
Ikbelle IB
This interview is so wrong to me next time bring Sarah Paulson with Jessica lange
"joan Crawford is alive" lol
Im Bored
Taylors voice is so beautiful and relaxing😍
Im Bored
cathy phegley
Jessica never changes. That inspires me.
Taylor is a sweetheart.
Carine Carine
Did anybody else notice that Taylor looks a lot like Shura, Jessica's daughter?
Totopholio W
Can look at Jessica all day long! She's so mesmerizing and captivating. Royal Queen.
Lange is an absolute treasure. Phenomenal talent, her work on AHS is spellbinding.
T.J. Sortino
The amount of knowledge in this 10 minute video is almost priceless. Jessica I adore you and thank you for the lessons in true acting.
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Jessica Lange wins an Emmy Actors on Actors: Jessica Lange 11 months ago   02:46

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