Climbing 1,000 Steps in Hawaii Neuschwanstein, Germany • The CASTLE that 1 day ago   03:03

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Mel and I were lucky enough to go to Oahu recently and see what this beautiful Hawaiian island had to offer. Mel and I climbed the top of Koko Head Crater Trail where we were rewarded with some cold brews at the top (my favorite). We also explored Hanauma Bay to check out the wildlife and snorkel.

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Gregg Bond
That lizard!
So awesome man, way cool that guy had a brew for you man cheers!!
Charlie Essers
Please adopt me. And my whole family. Please.
Drew Strong
Hey Zane! Long time fan. Quick question - props to the editing. Do you do all of that yourself?
Veronica Peiffer
Mizike Dizz
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Neuschwanstein, Germany • The CASTLE that Climbing 1,000 Steps in Hawaii 1 day ago   03:27

Yup! Another castle!

This time we were prepared and I went early to buy tickets for the Neuschwantein Castle in Germany. The castle was HUGE and overlooked the entire valley.