Oxford University Room Tour 5 months ago   06:10

A look inside the student accommodation at University of Oxford. This is for a postgraduate student. Whether you're going to be studying there, wanted a nosy or was feeling nostalgic for your student days - I thought I'd film a room tour and video of the surrounding areas!

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Anida Syahla
British accent 👍
Gaurav Sharma
Check IIT Kharagpur (Google CEO Sundar Pichai's college) Mechanical engineering student room ... https://up-tube.com/upvideo/gESBC4JKUo8
Study adda
How study and room cost
haifa aoulmi
is the citchen in the room ????
Can you plz tell me something about the expenses and living cost
Jill Gedeon
hi! do you know the name of this graduate accommodation?
Ashish kumar
Lovely place...👌
ambikesh soni
I am a undergraduate student and I want to get into the oxford university for further graduation ? can I go or not
StarCookie YT
Is there no TV?
Brock Lesnar
How can I apply for a scholarship for PG? Thank you
where is your kitchen
Walters ProperMan
I'm going to buy a place in Melbourne australia, take up rates in docklands, Melbourne are about 60% so there are loads of available properties. 475k$ is enough i'm thinking that i can get a job as a financial accountant at 85k$ gross, about 60k$ net, 30k a year mortgage take 12 years.
Bianca Fiestas
Is the kitchen communal? Like, for the whole corridor? It’s my dream to study medicine at Oxford, I’m still in year 10 though so I’m hoping I can save enough to go there!
Neelam Ibrahim
Oxford is only for billionaire's😥😥
RabilWhy Crew
are you an Asian? your English like a British, pretty good
A Generous Storm
My life! My love! ❤My biggest dream! I hope one day I get to study there. ❤❤
Nishita Parikh
what college is this?
shubham mehta
my grades are low....how can i apply for Oxford. ????...from India ....plzzz help me out .
Afrina Afrina
gamer aya
Anyone 2019 OK no one
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Oxford University Room Tour 5 months ago   12:18