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Badminton Trickshot Point | Badminton: Split Vision | Eye Training - At Up-Tube.com

Badminton trickshot point BADMINTON: SPLIT VISION | EYE TRAINING 1 day ago   00:13

Single point with trickshots

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BADMINTON: SPLIT VISION | EYE TRAINING Badminton trickshot point 1 day ago   11:33

Train your EYES with this SPLIT VISION drill and IMPROVE your BADMINTON GAME! Tips and detailed description (tactical use) further down. TIPS and a detailed description further down.


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Tip #1: Make sure the lifts are high
Tip #2: Try not to move your head too much. Use the eyes
Tip #3: At first, the feeder should go to one side immediately

Detailed description:

In singles: If the players stands in the middle of the court, play a straight shot. This will be the shortest distance and you will run the shortest distance compared to a cross shot. If they have their racket covering their forehand side, smash to the backhand side. If they are positioned to far from the net, make a drop shot and so on. You will observe your opponents habits throughout the match without thinking about it. Use it.

In doubles: shoot the shuttle between your opponents if they stand to far from each other. Plus the same points from singles.

It takes around 30-80 milliseconds to change our focus from the shuttle to our opponent and vice versa. The latest in sports technology is eye tracking. It helps scientist and coaches see the athletes point of view through a device to improve their habits or to scout for talents. Good players are good at using their vision to get as much information as possible. It is like riding a bike. When you know how to ride your bike, you will look at your environment to get information.

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