Mr Probz - Waves (lyrics) Original The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just 9 months ago   03:55

Khattoti House
slowly drifting,
drifting away
wave after wave
wave after wave

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Quenn Jay
well i thought that this was a lyric video but has no lyrics also the original is a slower am i wrong tell me
The Loganator
Goodbye 2010s we had some good times with nostalgia but now your just drifting away wave after wave. 😔
Jim G.
One of my top tunes.
Closing in on the end of 2019 and still grooving to it.
Sufana Aljehani
Still listening in2019
pvki boi
I'm looking for the right words to say
Ich wohne wg
Itsx Jayee¿
Brings me back to my depression days songs like this more black people need instead of violence😘✌️
Zippity doo daa!!!!! !!!!
Tbh I would listen to this song at night to help me go to sleep.
Purple Flower
If it is lyrics where are the words of the song? 😕
What the Fack
*im getting the bEaCh ViBeS 🌊 and the SuMmEr ViBeS 🌺*
Shermona Dean
Still listing in 2019 💃
Barry Scott lhs
This song = holiday
Jamie Behrends
DxG Risk
brings back memories for some reason....
stephanie rodman
Wave after wave
Ewart Smith
His official m/v has less views than this, lol
Carl Hodgkinson
Brings back sad memories when life was tough but still had the strength to move forward wat a beautiful song thank god
Ares Gonza
Hearing this song, makes me reminese about my ex, and her friends. with that said, she and I had a falling out, but I'm still friends with her now, ex friend's, as they also understood my perspective on her. To elaborate, great memories, lessons learned, and making strong friendship's in the in point, everything happens for a reason.
Ariana McGuire
I dont see any words for "lyrics"
games games
Jesus is arabic
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The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Mr Probz - Waves (lyrics) Original 9 months ago   04:08

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