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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself | Mock Interview Preparation: Common - At Up-Tube.com

How to answer TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF Mock Interview Preparation: Common 11 months ago   10:55

Learn how to prepare for the job interview question "tell me about yourself" with these top tips.

The TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF question is often the first to be asked at an interview and you need to get the answer right in order to give a good impression right from the start. We've got some general tips and if English is not your first language then we have some advice as to how to answer to make the most of your English level (even if it's not fantastic).

Your host is Gideon CEO of LetThemTalk in Paris and formerly an IT consultant in London.

Intermediate and advanced English lessons with subtitles on our youtube channel. Brought to you by LetThemTalk language school in Paris.

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Comments 162 Comments

Mihir Shah
Excellent .... followed this video and landed wit a job ....
Sergio Olmos
Infinite thanks to you Gideon for the knowledge you are sharing, I found it really useful and give me more confidence on a professional interview. I began to follow your Youtube Channel to still learning from you. Enjoy life!!
Grace En-Tien Chang
wow talk about an example. 3 minutes & I feel like I've gotten a full story/picture of what I'm going to get & why he want this job. I even had to check to see it really was 3 minutes.
Word of caution to those doing a phone interview, if there's any question whether you should call first or not... Call first. There's no way you can argue with an interviewer that can just say you were the one who was supposed to call.
I got curious and clicked right away. After a while, I noticed all the people saying thank you and seeing this because they have an interview. To the ones seeing this in the future. I hope you get the job :) -Stillatcollegeboi
John Wachira
Who else will start with " I will describe myself as someone ...etc"
That example was long as hell...and also geared toward someone who's had plenty of experience. How about do something for someone who hasn't had much work experience
likes for bullshit; youtube dont get much worse
tell me about yourself is used by fuckwits interviewing newb sales staff. it is never said to qualified experienced people
People place too much emphasis on effectiveness of interview
Faizaan Khan
Let us say that I am applying in the a company I had worked previously with, during the interview I say that I enjoy working with my co-workers but one of the panel members then asks that your co-workers view you differently when working with you. (Maybe they had a problem with my supervision in the past) so what do I say? Could you help with that?
Love the info mate, extremely useful.
Hyena Eater
Kawhi L : Im a fun guy
Mamadou youssouph Diallo
Senegal west Africa is watching this pray for me i have an interview on the 12 septrmber 2019 with an international firm
Plamen Stoyanov
I don't want to be rude but if you did already read my cover letter, you know everything about me. So it's a fucking stupid question really. Don't waste my time. Jesus...
Ketan Mishra
Who else is watching this after the interview?
Jose Velasquez
I Will Apply this tip tomorrow, because i have a very important job interview. Thanks
Velenie Jacobs
I am having an interview tomorrow and this is the best Video ever..... Thank you
dxb girl
Thanx a lot💕💕💕
My friend know nothing about Plc, electrical. I know those but I'm fail interview , my friend pass , they pay high for him to do assembly but they did not choose me for assembly. I did not understand. May be they learn too much , their thinking on the sky
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Mock Interview Preparation: Common How to answer TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF 11 months ago   08:38

Have an upcoming interview and you're STUCK on how to answer those common questions? This short video gives you the tools to be successful in your next job interview!

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