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10 Weird Game Design Choices | 10 Crazy Things Gamers In Russia - At Up-Tube.com

10 WEIRD Game Design Choices 10 Crazy Things Gamers In RUSSIA 3 months ago   10:25

Ever play a great game that has just one little thing that bothers you? Welp, this is a video just for you!
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morrowind is litterally killing gods but i mean oblivion is cool too
Cy Starkman
FF8 and 9 levelling system scaled enemy hardness to your level. If you stay low, even the hardest bosses are super easy - the way you did this was to level up your summons instead and use them all the time. sounds a bit like how oblivion steered you to play not realistically.

they stopped this, which did mean in 12 remastered i finished the last boss without taking any damage of note... but i also had invested in being massively over powered so i could do that. now that i think about it, the final boss failed to grasp i was filing my nails which wasn’t that realistic either.
Borderlands 3's minute and a half unskippable cutscenes.... In TVHM....
Unskippable cutscene. Borderlands 3. That opening cutscene is so fucking long.

Want to become op at the beginning of oblivion? Just leave the game on overnight and set up a hotkey to just jump the entire time. 100 acrobat? Why not
Tripping wasn’t in smash 4 or ultimate though
why does that bird have teeth? that is cursed
borderlands 1 has a story worth listening to..? are you sure...?
Skiper Nipper
I know best game ever. It is played outside
For everytime he says pokeman take a shot
Slump Gang
I agree Mario Karts 8 battle mode is trash I dont know why they did it. The game j turns into everyone going around only seeing each other 1 time
Kai T
Unskippable cut scenes are probably most often explained by them actually being loading screens
Having to “blink” in Alone In The Dark Inferno.
Casey Stebnitz
I wish you could skip the cut scenes in titanfall 2 in the campaign because if you could I would have replayed the campaign a bunch of times.
10. extra stuff.
9. it try to make it hard for you.
8. i guess to see if you buying and playing legit.
7. hate when that happens, get's very annoying.
6. yea i wish to skip it on a 2nd and up play through.
5. if only it's like this portable (gameboy and dses) version for battling enemies and wild pokemon.
4. too much for the sequel.
3. guess they don't pay much for voice actors.
2. guess you shouldn't upgrade often.
1. i guess nintendo couldn't kind find a way to do it on wii u version, even if it was short and sample.
Reeces Piece
skipping cutscenes in the new God of War would be stupid it'd ruin the flow of the game
Tom Kristensen
i think Breath of fire dragoon quarter that dragon counter you cant cold down and when it reaches 100% game over and its rizes when you walk when you do anything in a fighter even abit when times goes on- it bothers me a great deal because if that was not an isue it would be my favorit breath of fire
Sir Maggotbone
hats off to the guy who made it so i can fast travel and ride a horse in oblivion.. other than running and jumping all the time
Max Winkelmann
I honestly didn’t like fallout 4.... I still play it but only cuz of mods..... fallout 4 isn’t a fallout game in my opinion
pillar 43
fardand shid
ash ash
I always wondered why they did that to battle mode in Mario kart. No reason to change it to that at all.
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10 Crazy Things Gamers In RUSSIA 10 WEIRD Game Design Choices 3 months ago   07:20

Russia is chock full of dedicated gaming fans. Here are the best examples of crazy things they've done in the name of video games
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