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ClayBank Homestead

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Carolina Bass Hunter
Hello new friend. That's cool. I didn't know they would cross breed.👍
old school with a modern twist
,,,most interesting David,,,the hog has always been my favorite barn yard animal,,,,
Grampy Campy’s Bearcreek Homestead
Hello sir that is a great video, wish I had a hog sometimes I like 🥓 bacon jam too! And I just love animals! 👨🏼‍🌾🦌👫👴👰❤️🥰😍👍🏻💕❤️♥️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏
shannon Beech
Very neat I had no idea that cross breading between hogs and pigs was an issue.
Robin's Tiny Homestead
That is amazing and gentle as well. :-):-):-)
Kay Andrews
Glad to learn something new about pigs 🐖 I am happy your Channel is going so well 👍💖
The Busy Little House
SO interesting about the wild hog mix! great trick :)
JCB Farm and Garden
Very true, just like a dog, they love it.
My Slice Of Heaven Outdoors
Very interesting, I never heard that before. Have a great night
Genetry Homestead
That's so cool!
Cup of Nana Homestead
But remember as domesticated as you might get them to be, they still have those wild spurts in them. Never turn your back or always watch your back. You be careful. Hope y'all have a great night.
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How I Save Money On Meat For My Homestead How to tame the beast with in 2 days ago   17:45

When running a homestead keeping to a tight budget is vital. This is one of my best tricks of the trade in keeping the fridge well stocked while being as frugal as possible.