How to Get into a Film Festival! Top 10 Iconic Film Festivals 6 months ago   08:46

Film Riot
Today Ryan sluts it up again to show the final two effects we will talk about from our Bloodtober finale. Plus, Ryan shows how he got TELL into a film festival, and how you can easily get your process started as well.

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4:57 for the actual video....not kidding....there is the time stamp to save you some time :)
Khadeer Zenia
Kuch kmme ajaye
too much creativity to give this a single name
I am more WORRIED about the FLOOR than about JOSH!
seif muhammed
I am from Egypt , so i need to know if they will accept my film or i have to be from usa ?!
Iman Fani
Irrelevant title, noisy, too fast...
LEvi Howard
I am a filmer and I found I have a god given talent for taking pictures or Filming and how do I get in to a Film fest
Whats the shortest a short film can be? Does anyone accept 5min shorts? Thanks. Love.
oddly enough this came up when I have a film contest starting today
Random Tv
I would like to know for short-films how much is it to submit it?
Phillip Barnett
Thank you for your extremely informative and helpful video.I just liked and subscribed.please keep up the good work.
cinematic comics channel
what about if you have copywriter material in it or no location releases.then can you submit to festivals Ryan?
Vy Buteyn
great info
Not really what I was looking for when I saw "how to get into a festival". I know how to fill out the submission forms. lol
Going for a local film festival right now! Heaps fun
Matthew Marquez
hey at what resolution would it be best to submit to a film festival?
Jason Coleman
dumm'd you keep from Effing up your carpet with the axe? Just didn't swing it hard enough to penetrate or put something dull over the blade?
Weston Randolph
Adobe Premier Pro...just like all the unlucky bastards who no longer have Final Cut 7.
What program does he use??
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Top 10 Iconic Film Festivals How to Get into a Film Festival! 6 months ago   08:40

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