Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet Bolt Tesla Model 3 Review - 6 Months 1 day ago   19:58

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Is the Chevrolet Bolt worthy of sharing the EV podium with the Model 3? This week we compare both cars to find out which one is the most engaging, and which one is the best to live with. Wondering about EVs like the Kona Electric, the e-Niro and the Volkswagen ID? Well subscribe then, and watch this space.

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Ibrahim Mohsin
"I've had years of experience watching slightly to the right as I am a man" 😂😂😂🤣
Ibrahim Mohsin
Have I found another super duo like The Straight Pipes??!
I can't believe no one mentioned so far that the Tesla interior looks like total ass. Take out the iPad screen in the middle and you have nothing left but yards of dark grey Tupperware, nothing that screams "premium". It's like Tesla wants you to be so amazed by the screen that they're hoping you won't notice the desolate landscape you're surrounded by.
London Scott
It should be a volt not a bolt
Bonzo Bonzai
1)everybody charges overnight at home.
2)Model 3 has volume wheels, your choice of the two can be programmed on the steering wheel.
Gavin Wise
I like how they tried to make it look lite the bolt was an actual competitor. It's like comparing Gordon Ramsay's food to McDonald's.
5:30 “with his extra horsepower” Lmao 🤣😂
John P. Weiksnar
Fun video—esp. the gas pump parody—but no in-depth coverage of Autopilot? Efficiency? Onboard storage? . . .
Tesla Hunter
0:00 - 19:57 Nice Tesla cars!
It boils down to what can you afford. For the money, either EV is great. I have the Bolt and love it. The only thing I wish it had is the autopilot option, which Tesla offers. Other than that, you can't beat its feature-set for its price.
shmoaeel alksraney
if you want a fun car buy a car with a manual transmission.
D Fed
Those 2-3 seconds response times on the Chevy's infotainment screen feels so 2011.
Kohulan Yoganathan
I would take the nissan leaf
Phillip Alexander
Tesla model 3 is the most ugliest vehicle.
New John
Robinson Gingerich
Want engine noise, just ask Tesla to send an update or ask Chevrolet to make a new car
Tesla crushes all
That intro is cute, you get a like on that. Just a viewer's feedback though, if you are going for that type of intro feel and start the scene with some music, might want to have that continue with some music for the rest of the scene. Because it felt pretty cheesy when the music stopped and it was just you guys talking with traffic as background noise.
Octane Monkey
The intro on this video is why you guys are winning the internet!
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Tesla Model 3 Review - 6 Months Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet Bolt 1 day ago   13:14

The best features of the Model 3 after 6 months of ownership, how well the car has held up, issues we've had with the Model 3, and improvements Tesla can make to future versions of the car.

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