Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet Bolt Tesla Model 3 Review - 6 Months 5 months ago   19:58

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Is the Chevrolet Bolt worthy of sharing the EV podium with the Model 3? This week we compare both cars to find out which one is the most engaging, and which one is the best to live with. Wondering about EVs like the Kona Electric, the e-Niro and the Volkswagen ID? Well subscribe then, and watch this space.

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Harrakittu _
lol You got me at that Frozen watch and you going "Son of a .."
Jacob Rael
The bolt is just so damn ugly it automatically is of my buying radar the moment i look at it
Marko Rezk
buy a real car like SCAT PACK
Leon Flames
Would go with the Bolt
Zack Powers,Jr.
This is like comparing an Toyota Corolla to a BMW Model 3. They are apples and oranges with the main commonality being they both have the same means of propulsion (ICE). A luxury car compared to basic transportation, who wins? Let me think about it........you get what you pay for.
Ronnie Harris
your Tesla Model 3 has no logo on the frunk like its meant to.
Thanks for doing this comparison. I can appreciate the sleek look of the Model 3 but I like the functionality of the Bolt. I like the information cluster directly in the line of sight and I like buttons over a touch screen. My husband prefers a fields of vision with less visual noise where I prefer to have what I need right in front of me. Your video has helped me realize that we just have different priorities in what we are looking for.
I'd buy the Tesla simply from the fact that the Bolt was engineered and designed in S. Korea-we should really keep & use our own brain trust GM. OTOH Tesla pretty much had to share the bulk of it's IP with the Chinese gov't in order to enter the China market so they're not exactly in the clear either.
Jeff Pence
Great video. You guys are great. I just ordered a model 3 long range dual motor 5 days ago but I do have to defend the Bolt on the lack of superchargers. Unless you’re doing frequent long trips, plugging your car in every time you park at home will be more than enough charge 95% of the time. We’re so programmed after 100 years of gas stations that we must find one before we run out! I went from a Kia Soul gas to Rav 4 Hybrid to my first EV the Model 3.
I've driven both of these along with the Volt. I'm kind of surprised how many GM bashers are in the comments; Tesla as a company's not always perfect either.

The Model 3's obviously the best driver of the three. Better acceleration, better steering and handling, better road feel, better driving position. It's just more fun. The Bolt's surprisingly good as well. It's not a 3, but I've found it still drives much better than most compact cars and definitely better than I'd expect from a tall hatch. The Volt...it's OK. It's certainly competent and can take back roads easily, but it feels a bit disconnected from the road so you really have it push it to have fun with it.

So for the driving experience I'd say 3 > Bolt > Volt.

Design and quality are best in the 3, but not by a huge amount. The interior still uses plastic, and the guy's right - the steering wheel is pretty mundane with basic materials. Panels aren't always lined up well, and issues with paint and glass have popped up online (sometimes the display models in Tesla stores have these flaws). The Volts are pretty solid with plenty of padding and plushness in their own right, but the material quality and overall design definitely feel cheaper than the 3. Then there's the Bolt. I don't know what GM was thinking, but the design's just bleh, the seats are indeed terrible, and there's a lot of hard plastic and loose trim. It feels more like a used Spark or a Sonic.

For overall build quality, I'd say Volt > 3 > Bolt.
Material quality and design? 3 > Volt > Bolt.

One thing I find very strange is the infotainment response time in the Bolt vs. Volt. As a lot of people here point out, the Bolt is NOT responsive in this video (it's slow in my personal experience too). For some reason the 2019 Volt's is super-quick and responds immediately, just as quick as Tesla's. And yet...supposedly the Bolt and Volt share the same system. Even the pre-2019 Volt systems were faster than the Bolt's.

The only thing I can figure is maybe it wasn't designed with the Bolt in mind, and the Bolt handles more functions through its screen than the Volt does, so maybe it's too much for the processor or something. Whatever the reason, the Bolt's infotainment is often remarkably slow for any modern system. GM also chose not to include adaptive cruise control on any Bolt but made it a Volt option back in 2017, so there also a few odd equipment differences between the two (all Premier Volts also have park assist; to my knowledge that's something else unavailable on any Bolt).

All things being equal, a 3 would likely be better than a Bolt (the Volt, being a plug-in hybrid, is a bit of a different animal here). But price changes the game.

GM hit its EV thing shortly after Tesla; I'm writing this in June so at the moment tax credits are equal for both. GM is *heavily* discounting its Bolts though. Dealers near me have some loaded 2019s listed at $10,000 off before tax credits or state rebates, and a few have had them for at least 8k off for months now. Technically GM isn't lowering the Bolt's price, but with incentives and dealer discounts a 40k Model 3 vs. a 30k Bolt becomes a different equation.
Thomas Urgento
the opening to this video was awful. just stick to reviewing and not acting.
The bolt is so fuckin ugly
FYI Bolts are 6k off until 6/3, I just got a quote for one at 28k, and with 0% apr, and still 3750 federal rebate, it's a bargain. I'm about to pick it up tomorrow.
Cosmic Tesla
I hate to say this but I think the best part of the video was the last few seconds where you're mocking the YouTube chick that was trying to put gas in a Tesla 🤣🤣🤣
Sapphire Spire
The Model 3 definitely needs a HUD,
and a Keurig-style coffee maker in the dash under the touchscreen,
and a small microwave where the glove compartment is,
and a small ice box under the arm rest.
Chevy Bolt all the way
Daniel Jones
Man GM must have paid them not to talk to much shit about the bolt when comparing it to the tesla, lol. In every single category the telsa whoops ass. Like the touch screen on the bolt that feels responsive and doesnt show finger prints. I saw a fingerprint right after he said that and the lag is like a second between touch and response lol
Charlie Montero
Prefer the Bolt once the Tesla warranty ends prepared urself to expend a lot of money James ur the best very funny
Fun?? I go for performance.
Imagine that. A $50000 dollar car doesn't feel like a $100000 car, or a $25000 car. These guys are geniuses I tell you!
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