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Hollywood Hot Rods "the Dewar | Bring 'em Back To Life Ep 20 "martell's - At Up-Tube.com

Hollywood Hot Rods "The Dewar BRING 'EM BACK TO LIFE Ep 20 "Martell's 1 day ago   11:12

Four Speed Films
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The "Dewar Coupe" is a 1932 3 window coupe that was parked in the early '60s in a garage in Pasadena, California. This show car was built in the late '50s and was last registered in 1961. Troy Ladd plans to leave it how it is and drive it! Respect Tradition.

Filmed and Edited by Ben Kahan

Logos and Titles by Aaron Kahan

Owner's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollywood_hot_rods/

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benkahan/?hl=en


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At last, a channel on YouTube that shows exactly how to fabricate & modify these great old cars in the USA. Fabrication is the name of the game,done correctly without a time scale to work to. If you want to see how not to build these cars, go to Jonathan W on Youtube to see just how badly some build these fabulous old Fords.
awesome finds sir
The Heavy Creepy Sound
Wow like opening a time capsule very cool that you got them.
Rickey Mitchell
That '32 is a chariot of the gods!
Greg Fair
WOW what a beautiful time capsule!!!! Definitely something to be preserved!!!!!!
Kevin W Johnson
R&C , L.A. roadster show... cover car when i was a kid.. it's out there..
Randy Kirchhevel
The Horters always get all these cars for a little bit of nothing then try turn around and sell them for unbelievable prices making the average car buff having a hard time to buy it. More people would be fixing up these old cars if it wasn't for hard nosed people. It's all about big money and not about the hobby and making friends. Lots of cars out there that people horted in their fields rusting away all because they have to have 5000 for a rusted out Pyle of junk leaving a guy broke so he can't fix it up taking the fun out of building something nice. It's like they think their stuff is like a gold mine. They don't realize how much it takes to fix something up to make it look good and drivable that's why they wonder how come these old cars are costing over 30,000.
Adrian Stanciu
Nice video and classic car!👏👍
Duane White
Don't sit on the fender you will bend it
Brian Carothers
Great video work
Nikki Huffman
Maybe there’s some info about this ‘32 coupe in some old Hot Rod magazines. The Peterson Museum is right there in LA. Surely this auto was shown at a local event or used in a movie. Maybe City of Pasadena offices or DMV can give some clues to its history.
Alan Collinge
Amazing story. Love the old hot rods more than anything else. When I was a teenager in the 60's I used to dream about California and all things like this.
@0:38 Woah woah woah woah!!! Was that a 1934 Edsel Ford's Special Speedster replica?
xv70 1
Yup, let's keep kicking around the "show car" thing just to make it more valuable, even though there's no documents showing any awards or show where the car was entered
Rudy Duarte
I will charge 100 bucks for the honor of just seating on the fender
Caleb Shonk
Back in the day, before V8s became widespread, it was not uncommon for hotrodders to install Inline-6s with tripel-barrel carbs for power. Maybe that's what the car had before the V8?
D Harris
There will never be another era like the 50s Hot Rods and Rock and roll. If I could go back in time it would definitely be the 50s the age of innocence. Well so it seemed!
Rocky Easterline
Nice find it but just not quite the five window lol
If that was my nice find I certainly would not let someone put their fat ass on the front fender 2:04 no matter how famous some think that he is. (I haven't a clue who he is and do not care)
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BRING 'EM BACK TO LIFE Ep 20 "Martell's Hollywood Hot Rods "The Dewar 1 day ago   40:14

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