World leaders gather for 75th Why Iran’s leaders might welcome 3 months ago   07:29

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World leaders have gathered on the southern coast of England to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the day in 1944 when Allied forces landed in Normandy and began to retake Europe from Nazi Germany. Representatives of 16 nations joined Britain's Queen Elizabeth at the ceremony in Portsmouth, where many of the troops embarked for Normandy on June 5, 1944. Among them were French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. US President Donald Trump paid tribute to the Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives in the invasion. The commemorations center around the veterans of that campaign. Some 300 of them are taking part in the events.

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DW News
For more on D-Day check out our Documentary 'D-Day in Normandy - The end of World War II':
TK Baha
his wife dressed like a movie star from hollywood.
Chopper Man
Russia was so fortunate to receive the supplies from America. That's how they were able to push back the germans.
USA was fighting Japanese in the Pacific alone. But we still managed to send our boys to Europe and save the day.
Remember Churchill blue up a American cruse liner to bring America into the war ...But the king and Vatican and us were all about the war for iron sales oh and the king did a huge land grab from Britons. just some tid-bits
Anti-white ceremony
Zhang Yuxing
The western leaders celebrate the D-Day while the Pre-Red-Army Holders Russia and China are meeting in the East European city Moscow....
Wouldn't it be remarkable if Unity could one day be celebrated borne of Creativity rather than Catastrophe? From D-Day to We-Day, let's make a new kind of "Unified Entity" ... let's make global history in synchronicity:
atomy China
EU should start WW3 now.
S. Kertanguy
The Russians should have been invited too, aren't they those who liberated the camps that we daily hear about?
daniel moore
Russia lost 27 million lives, no country lost that much but Angela Merkel was invited!!!
anand Kasar
India is democratic no one inter fair expected. India internal matter to clearly told India to oic 57/ country organizations.
Just so Cool
It's those unelected manipulators calling the shots in Brussels for the EU that have got to go. It's a no brainer. Power to the people.
Logan Beri
World is infected with “ sick penis syndrome “
The UK is playing a nursing role. Red carpet welcome with Royal welcome to this “beast” is a sickening experience for the whole civilised world. Shame on you UK and the Royalty.
Tanveer Ahmad
World community should beware of this 😈 Donald Trump
S. Kertanguy
Peace as neighbors , as long as no one forces us to say., or pretend we are only one people , living in only one huge country called europe. I.m french, not Polish , not Spanish, not German, not English not Italian I am French. I respect the other countries but they are strangers, they are not my people. Our parents fought for the freedom of each of our countries.
Germany was defeated on the Eastern Front, not Normandy. D-Day invasion was more about stopping the Soviet advance from the East, than defeating Germany. Unchecked the Soviets under Stalin would've likely steamrolled into Paris.
S. Kertanguy
The last time there was a commemoration I felt ashamed , all VIP were coming by plane , and all those poor old vets had to travel by bus. I hope it is different this time, VIps on the bus and vets in the comfort of planes.
Nathan The beast
Thanks Red Army and comrade Stalin for d day celebration !!!! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
The American and the British warmongers should not participate. They are hypocrites. They want to destroy the EU that has ensured peace for 70 years in Europe. They want to make Europe slip back into a new world conflict
Hazel Booth
Yeh and now Merkel is at it,, wanting our country trapped in their power. The quicker we leave the Eu the better. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸
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Why Iran’s leaders might welcome World leaders gather for 75th 3 months ago   07:19

Political strategist and former naval intelligence officer John Jordan joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the geopolitical realignment in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia and Israel draw quietly closer over shared enmity with Iran. He suggests that Tehran might actually welcome a US “surgical strike” to serve as a rallying cry and distraction from Iran’s failing economy and domestic problems.

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