Split Rock Falls - Minute Grand Canyon Total Cloud 3 months ago   01:02

Split Rock is located on Bright Angel Creek and along the North Kaibab Trail, above Cottonwood Campground and about 1/2 mile (.8km) below the Roaring Springs Ranger Station. (residence)

An audio described version of this video is available on this webpage: https://www.nps.gov/grca/learn/photosmultimedia/minute-out-in-it.htm

The North Kaibab Trail is the least visited but most difficult of the three maintained trails at Grand Canyon National Park. Almost a thousand feet higher at the trailhead than South Rim trails, hikers on the North Kaibab Trail pass through every ecosystem to be found between Canada and Mexico. To learn more, download:


A "Minute Out In It" is a short video of nature in action. Enjoy these sights and sounds from Grand Canyon and be sure to look and listen for them during your next visit to the park. NPS video by Michael Quinn, edited by Kristen M. Caldon.

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Grand Canyon Total Cloud Split Rock Falls - Minute 3 months ago   01:01

One minute time-lapse video of the total cloud inversion that filled Grand Canyon on Thursday, December 11, 2014. There is no audio track.

The action that takes place in this 1 minute video would take 15 minutes in real time. In some ways it looks like ocean tides coming in and going out. NPS Video by Michael Quinn.