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3 Underrated Performance Cars That | 6 Of The Most Underrated Performance Cars - At Up-Tube.com

3 Underrated Performance Cars That 6 of the most underrated performance cars 1 day ago   12:21

When it comes to picking a performance car under $30k, often we recommend the obvious choice or the 'gold standard.' But, what if you want something unique? After all, that's really a lot of what motivates car enthusiasts, doing something different. Well here are 3 cars that are just as fun as their competitors, but I hardly ever see them on the road and rarely hear of people recommending them.

#amg #mercedes #carbuying

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After test driving a few, I was set on getting a 340i, but then I have watched this video and decided to check out the C450. Five minutes into the test drive and I knew this was my car. Picked it up two weeks ago and have enjoyed every day with the car. It is a beast. Today we got a good snowfall and took the car out drifting, it’s rear biased 4matic is great. The car drifts like a rwd. Thanks for your video.
Riste Kostadinov
2017 BMW 440I Gran Coupe with XDrive there is one on Autotempest 27 281$ with 42 294miles. Hell of a car B58 engine, ton of space in the trunk.
Who the hell can afford high mileage Mercedes man? These cars are going to cost you more in 3 years than a new car depreciates
Drew Silinski
Wish I saw this channel before I got my car in Sept...time to shop again!
Custom wheel horse tractor Eric83
Great video
Merc GLA 45 - Veloster N
Jaguar XE - BMW 3 - Audi A4 - Subaru WRX - Acura TLX - Merc C
Hei have you abandoned the idea of buying a gla amg and modify it as a rally car. That would be very different from what we have seen so far.
Blake Parker
Lexus ISF - 2010+ models ideally
David Elfering
Hyundai Elantra GT N-Line. Not in the same performance class as your heavy hitters. The N-Line is an "odd" one that almost no one talks about but I found it chuckable, practical with a new out the door price in the low 20's. I wound up with a GTI with DSG as a concession to my family but would have bought the N Line without reservation for my daily and to attend a half dozen autocrosses per year. If they put a limited slip diff in these it would be an amazing little FWD package.
Jason McConnell
I love my 19 C43 AMG almost fully loaded with AMG PE Renn Tech tuned with BMS dual intakes
Dual BOV'S by Renn Tech
405.7 awhp
470.4 llb ft
And your right barely seen any C43's in surprise AZ lol great car highly recommend it
For 60 grand +
Great review man but trust me everyone the face lift C43 is well worth the money 🤑🙏👑
I'm glad you didn't buy a GLA. You would have ruined it.
More of these types of videos! I am also considering the C450 AMG so it was good that car made the list!
Not a single manual?? Not a BMW fan but, but a M240i or 340 msport is the best ticket for those of us die hard RWD manual folks. Guess we are a quickly dying breed.
nathan wagner
BMW M235i is like an M2 without the price
Mark Hamilton
The problem with cars that don’t sell in large volume is the lack of aftermarket parts. If you buy a popular car like the golf R there is no shortage of inexpensive parts, and tunes. You would struggle to get an exhaust for the Jag
Michael Cohen
Very cool dark horse suggestions. I haven’t driven an XE. Have you tried the XJ. You can get a supercharged V8 under $30k. They’re not that much heavier than the XE. The XJ handles like a smaller car. I’ve considered one as bad weather alternative to my S2000. I think I would miss driving stick though.

Love these small podcasts.
Look into the Cadillac ATS. I feel like it is easily overlooked and underrated . I’ve owned a lot of cars (due to stupidity), currently own a 997 (due to impulsivity). I still think the ATS is one of the best cars in terms of chassis and feel that I’ve owned. Definitely one of the most budget friendly. Especially when considering performance for the cost.
Rohonczy Ferenc
EU also has GLA45.
Hee Kim
Great picks. I had forgotten about the XEs all together. I would add E550 or CLS550 to that mix if you want a fun and good looking midsize executive sedan. 2012-2014 clean models to be had at low to mid $20ks. Agree that Mercs generally have better build quality among its peers if you avoid the 2000-2010ish era of Mercedes.
Hey man, have you done any review on 981 Cayman?
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6 of the most underrated performance cars 3 Underrated Performance Cars That 1 day ago   08:57

Some performance cars just don’t get the love they deserve.

That may be because they come from a brand better known for making more affordable, less exciting stuff, or it could simply be that they’ve inherited the bad reputation of their predecessors, and were never given a fair chance.

Whatever the reasons, these are the six modern performance cars that we feel deserve a lot more love.

Do you agree with our picks? What would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments.

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