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Wild Animal Great Horned | The Birds - At Up-Tube.com

Wild Animal Great Horned The Birds 1 day ago   06:50

Reptile's Story
Owl breed:
For Owls, as with other birds, the period during which nesting and rearing young occurs is the most important part of the annual cycle. It is the time during which genes are passed on to the next generation, and considerable effort is expended by the parents to make sure this happens.

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Ana Nunes
how interesting
King Davis
interesting video
Jaime Lopez
Laying Eggs To Cute Babies! how interesting
JiJi Emna
What foods does Horned Owl eat?
Sarah Steward
Owls is so special
Jeff Paules
The owl at the beginning of the video was a Barred Owl, the Owl Laying eggs was a Barn Owl. No Great Horned Owls in this video that I saw.
deepak verma
I like it babyes
Giuliano Lima
First time I've seen this!
Jasmine Mason
What foods does Horned Owl eat?
HaDuHi Xua Tan Nỗi Lo Bọng Mắt
Horned Owl baby was born and raised unlike other species, great
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The Birds Wild Animal Great Horned 1 day ago   04:41

View GoPro footage of a blackbird family in their nest (Auckland, Dec 2013). The adult female is brown with a variegated underside. The adult male is entirely black with a yellow bill. Blackbirds were introduced to New Zealand from 1862 on, and are now abundant throughout the country. They are usually seen as single birds or pairs. Blackbirds breed as solitary, monogamous pairs nesting species, nesting between August and February. Both sexes feed the chicks. The nestlings are blind and naked when hatched. This nest was located unusually close to the house and not far off the ground.

This montage contains 20 minutes of footage taken from about 8 hours of video recorded in 4K resolution.

Change your setting option to Full HD