Answering Your Assumptions About responding to your assumptions about 8 months ago   15:49

Jess Conte
okay, finally did this video! hope you enjoy! :)
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also sorry for the mistake with one of the questions popping up too early - my final cut was messing up real bad and kept putting them in different places :')


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ioana boboc
how can people say rude stuff to her? she is so kind and sincere and like really if you want to be rude just not to her please
Claire Tuohy
Does anyone know what phone she has ??
Malachi Mikaelson
I'm 4 feet 9 and its great being short u can get around people more and people have more respect around you
rose rose
I thought gabe was short so you are mostly the same tall but turns out you are tall and gabe is the same tall!!!😂😂btw do you know sydney serena or are you friends with her because she is friends with seb and bobby???she is 19
How can someone even hates her?
Sienna Rowe
Moli Johnson
I was so shocked when I saw you on Instagram and I saw how tall you were!
Kyria Noble
Jess you are a faithful Christian and I love you and remember god loves you and that is all that matters.❤
Montage Montages
Jess: "Gabe likes being the little spoon and it's so annoying. Like he likes me cuddling upto him and I'm like BABE PLEASE CUDDLE UPTO ME!"

WHY IS THIS SO CUTE?!?!?!? 💖💗💓💗💕💞💓💘💟💝💕💓💖❤
Jacob Miles
“Whipper Snipper”
Savannah Brouwer
I’m a two wing three !! 😁💗💗
Ella montagano
Plz make one with Gabe
W McCourtney
great work...
niki nk
Rebecca Kirk
You seriously have such a sweet spirit! ❤️
Sheila Reynolds
keep shining the love of're beautiful!
Alora Jantzi
Why are people so rude? Being rude will not make you feel better about yourself. Also, Jess looks super uncomfortable and sad that people would actually think these things about her. DON’T ASSUME THINGS ABOUT PEOPLE! You will probably be wrong.
Nisriina Bamazru'
I know someone who got married just to get the green cards and they ended up divorced with 2 daughters. Sad but not surprised
Lisanne Elise
you should start a podcast, your voice is so calming!
Emily R
Your'e so inspiring, God bless you.
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responding to your assumptions about Answering Your Assumptions About 8 months ago   11:25

responding to your assumptions about me

lol yes I'm so late to this trend hahaha BUT HERE YA GO
also, this is a re-upload! I had it up for a little bit, but had to make some changes and re-upload.

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