How to Paint Chrome Black Chevy Emblem 3M Matte Black 5 months ago   03:17
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Video Transcription:
Okay guys, remember I was telling you that we were going to take our grille shell, where we going do some chrome blacking on it. We have Dupli color shadow and what this is, it is a three step process that allows us to black out our chrome grille shell. It also will still give it a kind of a black chrome kind of look. What we have is the three steps, the first thing you want to do is you want to clean it real good. Get all the grease, oil, road grime, wax all that kind of stuff off of it. And then what we do is we take our base coat which is in the can with the silver lid on it.
What we want to do is just make sure we shake the can up real good. What we're going to do is, we're going to spray this on the grille. As you guys can see we got couple of coats on the grille here already.
You spray on a coat, let it set for 20 minutes. Every time you spray a coat on, the darker it gets. Once you get it to the darkness that you want on here, then you can quit spraying your base coat on and at that time you're going to spray the clear on and do the same thing with it, about three coats of the clear on it and let it dry for like 20 minutes in between each coat. And then, once you put your final coat on, wait about an hour. This'll be ready to handle and we can put our grille insert in this and get it back on the truck and it's going to look really awesome on the front of our truck with all the black on the truck.
We got our shadow blacking sprayed on to our grille shell. Now, next thing we're going to do is we're going to spray it with some clear coat and what the clear coat is going to do, it's going to help protect the blacking that we put on so that it doesn't rub off, doesn't come off in car washes or driving the truck in the rain, what have you and just kind of help to seal it.
So, we're going to spray that on and what we do with that is we put on one coat, wait 20 minutes. Put on another coat, wait 20 minutes. Put on another coat and wait 20 minutes and then we put on a heavy coat and then we'll wait another 20 minutes and then put on another heavy coat, let that dry for like an hour.
By then, once we let it dry for an hour we'll be able to handle this grille shell and we can put our grille into it or whatever we're going to do with this.

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Tommy Miller
Can this be used on window trim on a Cadillac ATS?
Chad Honea
So ghetto.
It's s different grill all together?
JNA Family Channel
Didnt even see you spray one bit of paint
Smh what a waste of a video
cal snow
hold on what was step two and how long do you wait for hahaha
Nathanial Ross
Such a terribly put together video. Doesn't show anything other than a cheap advertisement and a guy talking with no action.
0:03 "wee gonna do sum chrome blackin on it" (now you're talking our language slim) ..."we take this 3 part system and spray it on, then through the magic of youtube television you will end up with a $1300 RPB grille."
mexico loco
That is not even the same grill come on people.............
Open the eyes................
Fiona Jacobs
Does it need a light scuffing with a high grit sand paper
Mike Ysais
Can this be used on plastic chrome trim?
Malichae Fama
Will this work on mirror polished stainless steel? There is only one fender flare offered for my 02 avalanche with body cladding. Unfortunately sold in one finish.
fuzz4ever 69
i am thinking of making the bolts on my new grille and on my fender flares red. (there chrome right now) would this be the best way to do that?
Brandon Houdek
I plan on doing this to my grille overlay..I'm worried about the finish.. Does it finish glossy? I have a black Silverado and would like it to match the paint. Also is it durable?? Or will it come off during a car wash?
Trinidad Ayala
where can you find the spray paint or kit for this at an auto store?
alex rodriguez
I've heard it chips off after like 6 weeks is that true or depends on coats
Melvin Middleton
what kind of grill is that
Does it work on metal like a bumper?
francisco visuet
Could this work to paint a whole chrome bumper?
I agree, I would have liked to have seen the application process. I plan on doing this to the grill and rear bumper of my truck.
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Chevy Emblem 3M Matte Black How to Paint Chrome Black 5 months ago   07:54

This is a brief how to instructional showing the tools and process necessary for completing a color change wrap on the front bow tie emblem on a Chevy Colorado.