UFC Fighters Vs Reporters Fight of the Week: Derrick Lewis 6 months ago   05:08

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Sammy bran muffins
Thakur Jee
Jon Jones Butt hurt. Juice heads are Juice heads. Answer the question juice head. This dude fought on juice and the UFC allowed it. It must be be a juice head thing🤷🏾‍♂️
I love what khabib said “ you can’t say As-salaam walikum “ then proceed to talk about conner’s whiskey. #respect
Laker Fan
Not trying to be cocky or anything but I'd beat the f*** out of Brock Lesnar if you want to talk to me like that
Warped Sounds
they don't like being quizzed about steroids do they lol
what’s up 124
0:32 this woman is a legend 😂
Throws digs at Jones lol
Throws digs at Dana lol
“Sit down”
“I am sitting down”
2:55 wtf is that bald creepy piece of shit staring at jesus christ he looks like something that would end up on to catch a predator
Tiamat The Great
The day Jon Jones dies of a heroine overdose, drunk car crash or whatever the sport will be in a much better place.
Juice heads getting angry 😂
Mr. G
Bones jones took a page out of the Tito Ortiz book on that one...
CharlieJuliet Sierra
Who is the fat slob with jowels looking like a white fat Albert trying to be all tough standing next to Lesnar??? This guy is one sloppy queer!!! Please man.
Steve Leon
“Your hair is pretty fuckin.... friendly.” I lost it 😂😂
Antonio Sanher
Pussy. Jajajajaja
Modern Plays Games
2:51 look how dude gets face to face and stares at him lmao
nikola poyukov
2:51 look at that annoying ass pedophile brock has for a manager
jerri Atric
Vetor is a druggie bitch id waste this old drug addict fuck
So easy to hide behind a computer screen and make video clips of fighters being made fun of...better off dead at its best
00:06 i respect that reporter
The #uFUC is as fake as they can get away and a little more!
#ultimateFAVORITESclub FEATURING ASSHOLES on Silver Platters! #mindless suckers wanted
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Fight of the Week: Derrick Lewis UFC Fighters Vs Reporters 6 months ago   12:01

We're throwing it back to Legacy Fighting Championship 13 and the Heavyweight title fight between Jared Rosholt and Derrick Lewis! Don't miss the chance to watch Derrick Lewis inside the cage at UFC Fight Night in Auckland, New Zealand!

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