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17-17 The Las Vegas Strip At Night | 18-04 Colorado I-70 Eastbound - At Up-Tube.com

17-17 The Las Vegas Strip at Night 18-04 Colorado I-70 Eastbound 4 months ago   10:27

This is a remix of video 13-51 from 2013 featuring the Las Vegas Strip Southbound at night with a little extra footage on the front end and a new soundtrack. All music and equipment FAQ's are in the closing credits.

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Angel Aranda
I wish I could live there
Empress Lisa
Car in front of you need put there lights on
Empress Lisa
Paris tower
Empress Lisa
عبدالله نفادي
So nice
Helen Jackman
This is a fantastic video.
The lights in the strip are so fabulous Dude you’re the best
Tim Sheneman
OK, I'll say it...I like that the map for this excursion is this : 7
Venus FlyTrap
Your driving videos are fun too watch💕.
Great job! It makes me nervous that a few city officials want to ban private cars on Las Vegas Boulevard, that would be so disappointing! Some say they'd want that because it gets too busy, but I don't think that the side streets are constructed to handle as much traffic as the strip gets. They'd have to widen those roads, which would be stupid to throw money at.
Lit Chaos
Go to Lubbock they have 5 freeways 3 of them are 4 years old
Craig Ceecee
I'm not sure if your 2018 season is planned yet, but one thought I had: maybe switch from freeways to do historical routes, like parts of Route 66?
Mr. Krabs
Do you like maps
Andrew Silva
2:29 the Famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop....
Maryam Naushair
great your 17th video of the 2017 season
Simon G
Just stumbled across your channel today. You have the best and original driving youtube videos I have ever seen!
Even your commenters are awesome people! Best viewing and reading fix I need before bedtime!
Akko is my Daughter
I love your videos... They inspire me to take on the feeling of the road... Please keep up the good work☺
Guided Meditation
I enjoyed this vegas video. The lights are always mesmerizing. Especially when you are there in person they are really something to experience.
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18-04 Colorado I-70 Eastbound 17-17 The Las Vegas Strip at Night 4 months ago   34:08

This video was originally released in 2015 and has been remixed with a mostly new soundtrack. The video follows I-70 eastbound from Grand Junction to the Metro Denver area through a series of clips showing the most interesting and spectacular parts of the trip.

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