Mechanical Engineer: Expectations vs. Reality Is it still worth becoming an Engineer? 2 days ago   21:11

We talk about what we thought mechanical engineering would be like vs what it is actually like. We want to make this video so students have an accurate image of what a Mechanical Engineer actually does.

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Tyler Askew
If you're in thermal or structures analysis, you do math pretty much every day. I worked in a thermal/fluids group for spacecraft and we often do hand calcs along with FEA/CFD to confirm results.
Raul Rubalcava
Talk to Tony stark I hear he's hiring.
Aidan Dudash
This is just glorified sample bias
Then what would you suggest for a hands on design jobs
herman gaviria
What about his salary?
All I heard was “we get paid a lot of money to do less work than we anticipated” sounds fine to me
Jim Proctor
I chose to get a degree in mechanical engineering so I wouldn't have to bust my knuckles on someone else's tranny (that's a transmission, people!) in the middle of January!

And I must was the best decision I've ever made
(except accepting Jesus, marrying my wife, having three terrific kids, and all the other sloppy family stuff).
Harry Stottle
You're complaining about nothing I was an award winning student when I went to work the entire workforce of the factory I worked in was gay!!!!! I resigned in disgust I've had 15 nervous breakdowns since!!!!!
Reality vs expectations work at the congress or work in a think tank
That last part I can relate to so much, it's just sad why people are like that =(
VERY informative. Thank you guys. This really helps me narrow down my options
Create mechanical tools
good mechanical engineering
Abdulkadir Yilmaz
I have plenty of chapters to work in Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design book for tomorrow's midterm and suddenly this video comes up. I'm speechless, I hope I won't fail
Madame Muffin
A prospective engineering student, at the bit about relocating. I live in Nebraska, in the middle of nowhere, anywhere is an upgrade. I have no qualms with relocation. None.
The guy on the right looks like one punch man
I have a similar job and I haven’t graduated yet, they’re allowing me to work part time but my question is, if I’m already working in my field in way, so how important would my gpa be if I still have 2 years to graduate if I continue to work there for 2 years as well?
Kashif Naseem
They downplayed the profession by saying there is no hands-on in mechanical engineer job, I mean what are you talking about? During university days, I always thought that technicians do the hands-on typically and engineers just design, boy was I wrong. I mean the guy on the left, is in manufacturing & designing and his hands-on includes scoping and measuring parts? that's not true, I am in the same field and most of the times, we have to build our own prototypes with our own hands, from assembly standpoint and manufacturing as well.

Go check out mechanical engineers in MEP field, they basically become trained technicians with engineering minds as alot of hands-on are required in that field.
The guy on the left sounds like the Manufacturing Engineer's at my plant. As a sysadmin in a plant, I'm around all those dudes all day.
Aaron Hart
I went the military route so my job was extremely hands-on (worked in the engine-room on a submarine). However, trying to get an engineering degree means you have to start over completely from scratch (my military training is viewed by most colleges as a technician school, meaning there is little than can be transferred unless I want to get a nuclear engineering technology degree).
Christopher Jeffers
Engineers always come back to the field technicians for advice.
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Is it still worth becoming an Engineer? Mechanical Engineer: Expectations vs. Reality 2 days ago   04:01

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