CATCHING AQUARIUM FISH for your Amazing Muddy soil Hole 2 months ago   11:52

Catch Em All Fishing
Catching aquarium fish for your fish tank at home diy!
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Joseph Hershey
wooo that was a cool vid
Draven Kooyman
There's a ras on my ass
Rickey Jordan
I would also like to come down there and go fishing with you one day we're number one of my friends have some time off of work I'll pay for the trip in the girl from everything and they just about the vehicle I guess. Really hard part about it is but I'm in the wheelchair I'm paralyzed from nipple on down do to a gunshot wound in the net live for I don't want to interrupt your video I don't usually do YouTube videos or take many pictures Susan I have been in a wheelchair.
Rickey Jordan
How do I get a couple of those dinosaur catfish with the scale but I don't need them to Big I need them small close all we have a 30 gallon fish tank. I want to get a 55 gallon fish tank if I can find one on used tanks for sale or you find someone down there that will sell your fish tank and shipping if I can get it at a decent price under $100 I can get my own pumps and light and stuff to go on it. Oh they also need to be freshwater fish because I don't do saltwater fish really don't know too much about saltwater tanks
Kesia McCoy
You should get a big saltwater fish tank
Shad0w St4r Gaming
Love your channel you are the best
Prince Rehab
Subscribe Plz 🙏🙏🙏
Asyqar Sulthan Nurmeliala
moon wrase
carcar Thomas
the yellow one with the black stripes looks like a porkfish
i've seen them while diving before
Maja Lankiewicz
Bro why you killing them like just stop.......
Carlos Garciaa
Man I’m from the Bahamas. We don’t grind no damn fish teeth. Wtf?
Ridge B
ya that was a awesome video keep coming with the bangers
Ketan Deshmukh
You stupid son of a bitch speak less...and don't kill them merciless
Blaze_ DKP
My man the legend records with his phone
Angel Mojica
It is a parrot fish
Nyla & Notneb
Why are they so red?
sarah let
Do both fish
Naquel Brown
Not the Bahamas
curseten 122489
Dang, looks fun.
What is wrong with you?
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Amazing Muddy soil Hole CATCHING AQUARIUM FISH for your 2 months ago   11:30

Amazing Muddy soil Hole Trap - Smart Man Build Fish Trap By Muddy soil- Get Alot of Fish 100%

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