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15 Interesting Facts and Things You Didn't Know About London!
Most expensive things in London: https://goo.gl/RhXnGy

If you were curious to learn more about the luxury side of London, you're in the right place.

We'll be looking at interesting facts and trivia about London and how the rich here spend their fortunes.

Because you Aluxers enjoy traveling the world, we'll be doing this Alux.com Original mini-series about the most luxurious cities in the world!

We've already covered:

Dubai: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Cko-b7Zg0KN&g=4f
Singapore: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/U0aqYodUfz8

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What are some things you need to know about London?
Who are the rich kids of London?
What is the most expensive house in London?
What is the most expensive apartment in London?
How expensive is London to live?
Why do billionaires pick London?
Where to go out in London?
What to do in London?
What are the best places in London?

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15 Interesting Facts, Trivia & Things You Didn't Know About London!

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Neal Murfitt
Pronounce Belgravia correctly please. It's as in gravy.
Paul Caple
I am not sure who is the intended audience for this video, not ordinary people as I cannot stay at any of these places, and the super rich who can blow 25k on a hotel room would not watch this as their travel arrangements will be organised by their family office.
Dwae l
16.London is actually called Lundene plus this facts your talking about can be easily discovered
ramaraju srinivas
All the glitters is not gold.... so much of its wealth is from India
diane christine frey
i dream about trips and travelling to uk, so i really like to hear about especially st paul's cathedral. i did have a map of london when i was 18 yrs. i simply think the Queen and royals are marvelous!
Mohamed Alketbi
I am a millionaire I would shop more and travel the world ,,,
farhaan mohammed
make a video on BTS
Kenan Hadziedhemovic
Im from Bosnia but i always dream to live in England because i love England so much and for me is the best place to live
Nikolas Kotis
Finally London is the city of the R&F.
Victor Ochieng
Do 15 things you didn't know about Nairobi
thatl Chiponda
I think richest man in world residing in London,his name is JACOB ROTHSCHILD
Carol nashy
L like to visit London
But really....a massage....is the single most important info about London any foreign visitor can not afford not to know...give us a grief.
Abhishek Aaaa
Every thing is stole from India.. U r a theif shit
It's borough, not burrow...we're not animals
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
You need to do one about Port of Spain Trinidad on Scarborough Tobago
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
You need to do one about the Caribbean
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
You need to do one about Trinidad and Tobago
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
I love London
Cedric Smith
I prefer the view.
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