How to Get into MIT 2 months ago   09:08

Ryan Normandin
Some advice from a junior at MIT on how to maximize your odds at getting admitted.

How to Graduate from MIT:

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Nidhi Kadere
Thank you... that was really informative.
its really funny when you listen to migos and watch this guy at the same time.
King cow
DJ Syclonus
thanks for this . i always wondered about it places like MIT. i always got the eyebrows for having a high I.Q. but i didnt show it off. my education was in physics math and electronics, i centered in plasma physics electromagnetic radiation and high energy photon applications. along with mechanical and electrical engineering. i put it into rocket engines and other stuff .good video
Yung Glxkk
The guy says at 0:54 ‘for the class of 2015’ and this video was uploaded in 2011?
Harith Aiman
7:09 Good Advice 😣
Nino Okruashvili
Hi, is there any chance for a dislexic kid to get MIT without TOEFEL high /standard level score? thank you in advance
Sky Luv
Hey m frm india ....i wntd to aply b.arch in mit w hv to write sat for b.arch tooo ...bcz i srchd for sat and it shows for in foreign unvrsties .....please reply me as soon as psbl ...hv evn mailed in mit ofcl site ...but no rply ws made ....n evn fir frst year trnsfr stdnt how to aply.... Plz rply me
Have 130+ iq
Thanks for your help just got into MIT, really helped
I followed your advise and I am at home now
Pedro Takahashi Gunderson
Tried to stand out by not applying. didn't work...
Infallible Kyle
Doesn’t matter what college you go to tbh lmao
Mc Creatures
you sir are a genius
Is he a time traveler? 0:54 talks about class of 2015 but this was posted in 2011...
Katteti Vikram
I want do phd in computerscience
Rohan Srivastava
It might be easier for you to make the way for MIT by being an allrounder but for international students it is required to be the one brightest mind of their country
Mehmet Enes Çiçek
How about IQ scores ?
L Lawliet
If this video was uploaded in 2011 then how is he talking about 2015 statistics?
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