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Black Excellist: Top 10 Richest Black | Everyone Was Laughing At His House, Until - At Up-Tube.com

Black Excellist: Top 10 Richest Black Everyone was laughing at his HOUSE, until 7 months ago   11:13

Black Excellence Excellist
Top 10 Richest Black Communities in America.

Check out our "Top 10 Cities for Black Money" video

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Music Credit: Title: "Life Is " | | Artist: Cosimo Fogg 201
Sources: CensusReporter.org, Trulia.com, Wikipedia
Published Date: November 2017

Today, we will take a look at communities that have higher-than-average populations of African Americans. These prestigious neighborhoods are where African Americans are succeeding in terms of income, homeownership, and academic achievement. Since this Top 10 list highlights *communities*, we have selected predominately black neighborhoods with less than 30,000 people and our researchers have factored basic indicators such as cost of living, economic equality, and livability.

We are the largest community of Black Excellence Enthusiasts in the world. We celebrate Black Excellence, Opulence, and Affluence as we enlighten and inspire you.

#blackexcellence #blackexcellist #richcommunities #wealth

Comments 2182 Comments

How y’all forget Georgia?
MG Tairu
Damn all these ppl old though..why can't we get financially stable at younger ages. That's slavery!!
So basically Maryland
Shirley Conerly
Forget this.... I'm moving to Maryland ✌🖑💯😂
Ok Maryland!!! ✊🏾
wow i thought Atlanta/Dekalb County would have been somewhere in the top 10.
Lewandra Erwin
Please! So patronizing😣
Buy a tech stock every time she says "African American " :)
When will there be a list for this year?
shanice alcock
Lol @ “African Americans have become more educated”
last place
another video. top 10 short people that can dunk.
Evie Brisco
Please do not forget Georgia...
Afro Senpai
How am I just now learning about this channel. I'm documenting my journey to creating wealth and giving back, so I now plan and expect to be featured on a future episode. Thank you for creating this channel.
Michael Wilson
DC use to be chocolate city.....now I know why its not....EVERYONE MOVED TO SUBURBS OF MARYLAND...PG COUNTY
Artful DAHJr
"GAININ' ON YA'! Movin' in and around ya'..."
Lovella Jones
One Day!
This is basic. I thought they were gonna reveal millionaires. These are just regular middle class neighborhoods. Do people in the hood not know this exists? Get a bachelor's, marry someone with a bachelor's, and don't f up your credit and this easily could be you.
Deborah Aduba
What about Atlanta Georgia??
Frances Walker
Love it! Just so you know, it's JOHNS Hopkins University not John Hopkins @7:53.
Luxury Auto Insider
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Everyone was laughing at his HOUSE, until Black Excellist: Top 10 Richest Black 7 months ago   10:26


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