2018 Acura NSX – A Supercar That Why does the 2019 Honda Civic 2 days ago   32:21

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Skip to 24:35 to watch this car hit 60 mph in 3 seconds with Launch Control!

Buying a supercar used to mean making a lot of compromises. When the originally Acura NSX came out, it addressed two big supercar flaws. Questionable reliability and uncomfortable driving dynamics on the street. After 12 long years there's finally an all-new version but its not like the original model at all. Gone is the rather simple drivetrain replaced with 3 electric motors working with a frantic 3.5L twin-turbo V6. Combined output is 573 horses going through a 9-speed DCT and SH-AWD. You'll be able to hit 60 all day long in 3 seconds and break even more necks in less time than that. Just be ready to fork over at least $157,000 to get one of the most technologically advanced Acura's of all time.

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How did you get groceries in a NSX? lol
DaniLSP -Rhythm Games-
Simply Amazing
RabidSavage Cabbage
This car does not get enough credit
Momo C.
"Starts up like any other car"...even he doesn't respect that fact that a supercar has an Acura badge, fucking fake ass .
Marlon Monsegue
C is for Chris
Around 9:50 he says there is a bad blind spot. Another review said great views out the windows all around. Who do I believe ? 😂
Dustin Denemark
Id get mine in Red
Honda NSX
I'm a Honda NSX
Haha MissMiss
Soy fanboy gets super flamboyant in sport cars
Captain Marvel
9:05 thats not aluminium its plastic just watch Carwow
Infinite Samurai
When vtec kicks in 😂🤪
Idan K.
Can't wait for the new NSX's value to drop drastically so I can pick one up in like 10 years. Either this or a LC 500
24:45 launch control thank me later
Rook K
Im so close to trading 981 spyder for this car but the lightness and sound is just intoxicating on spyder....what do you guys think? Trade??
Are these still having transmission problems? Expensive garbage.
Arthur Katz
the reviewer must love NSX
Dang Vu
Cheap looking the price to much better gtr nobody can beat gtr 👍👌👌
Randy Carlisle
If it let you go to first gear you’d be buying a transmission A LOT lol
25:06 holy fuck ~ huhhohoho
Eric Johnson
Hey Sofyan, that NSX looks perfect with you, for you perfectly! It's funny I was thinking that right before you said you would like to have one. Question ... Do you think it's closest competitor/comparison would be a BMW I-8??
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Why does the 2019 Honda Civic 2018 Acura NSX – A Supercar That 2 days ago   31:48

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