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Hunt 4 A Serial Killer | Evil Eyes - At Up-Tube.com

HUNT 4 A SERIAL KILLER EVIL EYES 10 months ago   42:32


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Jimmy Bejamin
This animal went hamm.
He had a lot of boyfriends
Ads suck!
Austin Galloway
Wow the power of the words I am sorry
Why do people think saying sorry means something
Nikol S. Ervant
Hopefully this douchebag has gotten beaten and gang-raped in prison many times, with no end in sight.
Julian Julian
just send in a hypnotizer to get the information on other victims.. Yes, it can't be used in the court, but at least you can find the bodies and return them to their family
Isaias Gonzalez
The scary thing is that this serial killer looks like my neighbors. You know, normal. On the other hand, if he find "God" then why he doesn't want to die? Hummm, yeah right.
ashraf khalil
What if one of the victims was a-police officer ? will he be sentenced to death
Barb Chester
Plea bargaining has gotten way out of control, I definitely understand that it serves a purpose in certain cases, but absolutely not warranted in this case, just my opinion.
Pilletta Doinswartsh
His speech to the victims' families was a kind of assault in itself. "You can't know how I suffer..........."

Yeah, shove it up your evil ass. If you hadn't been caught, you wouldn't be suffering, and you'd still be murdering.
TicTac bee
He was born normal ,but when he was molested during that tender age he shut down so ,from there on out he empathy never fully developed he learned how to behave in every way but didnt feel
TicTac bee
Maybe military is a common factor in the lives of many serial killers
TicTac bee
He is a arrogant fool
terry ford
Paul Sullivan
I studied phsycopathy, narcissism and serial killers at Boston University under Professor Jack Levin. Professor Levin is one of the countries leading experts on serial killers. An amazingly intelligent man. Anyway, one of the very first things we learned about serial killers/ rapists, was that unlike what most people thought, including myself, is that sex is generally not the main priority of these predators. We were taught that control is their main line of thinking. Now, it's been heavily debated over the years that phsycopathic minds are either created over the years due to a variety of reasons (i.e. child abuse, sexual abuse or traumatic brain injury), or they are simply born that way. I tend to believe the latter. The supramarginal gyrus is a part of the cerebral cortex. It's located at the junction of the parietal, temporal, and frontal lobe of the brain. It's the part of the brain that helps us distinguish our own emotional state from that of other people, and is responsible for empathy and compassion. It's believed by many that phsycopaths lack a portion of this particular part of the brain. After some long studying and comparisons, I'm a firm believer in this particular theory. You know, I always get to thinking about that when a serial killer is convicted of multiple, heinous crimes, and during the penalty phase of the sentencing you'll hear many people say "I hope they don't get the death penalty. That's to easy for them. I hope they rot in prison for the next 65 years, so they can sit there each day and think about the pain that they've caused these poor families. And put the pictures of these women on his wall so he can look at them every day and feel guilty for what he's done." Well, I hate to have to say this, but that's EXACTLY the sentence their hoping for. Why? Simple. Because these guys don't give two shits about the victims or the families. If they cared, they wouldn't have continued doing it numerous and countless times. Like I said, phsycopaths have NO REMORSE, NO EMPATHY, NO SYMPATHY. That's why they can carry out disgusting murder after murder after murder. It's not the actual killing that these sick guys get off on, it's the torture of their victims. It's the suffering. It's the total control. It's knowing that they get to play God with these poor lives. Bringing them to the brink of death, and then reviving them in some cases. That's the sexual thrill for them. Watching the actual pain & suffering. The killing part? The only reason they do that in my mind, is because they can't leave a live witness. Leaving someone alive after sexually torturing and humiliating them means that they get caught, and that's it. They don't get to carry out another sick fantasy a second, fifth, twentieth or thirtieth time. So, these are just some of the things Professor Levin taught us, and I truly believe he's correct...
As much as I love America, this is not justice to give this pig the opportunity to antagonise those poor people in the court even further by opening his filthy mouth. Only God knows how much the poor victims suffered at those terrible moments. Only God!
Austin Roberts
I can't believe how many people were killed by this guy! He gets to live? How our country has changed! This monster should die for this!!
Trina Mills
As far as his religious beliefs go and him finding God because he’s afraid of Hell is a moot point....his religion doesn’t believe in the damnation of hellfire and torment. Your soul just ceases to have existence eternally in their doctrine. So obviously, that’s not the reason he supposedly found God. Personally I’m not inclined to judge whether he has or hasn’t or why he did.
What I am sure of is this....We reap what we sow and not matter how sorry we are, to use an analogy; If we sow a garden of onions we are going to reap onions no matter how much we regret it.
What he did was horrible and a price will be paid...as far as forgiveness goes, I personally feel we all want forgiveness for one thing or another...but does it come from the heart or does it come from the knowledge we have been caught and now we must start paying the price?
Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey as my uncle used to say.
spencer stewart
So finding god is the way to go. Thats what they all do. POS
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EVIL EYES HUNT 4 A SERIAL KILLER 10 months ago   37:49

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