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A person cannot turn up dead
Nikki Robie
It's so funny where was all these family member when them lady's and man needed them but they're in court crying y'all should have been there for them
John W 1711 Stock
Democrats, and other Communists, refuse to execute cop killers, and mass murderers. They will kill babies, even after they are born. Listen to the Governor of Virginia's statement on post birth murders (abortions). Five murders a year? That's a Friday night in Baltimore!
Brenda Machala
A friend of mine was killed by a serial killer. He killed over 100 women. They were all regular women chosen at random.
Magi C
The story is very sad, cruel and shocking!
Considering that this bastard did not grow up in a ruined house and was beaten when he was small, the opposite
He grew up in a home based with supportive parents.
Where did all this evil come from? heredity?
How could this bastard be able to murder easily and return to his family and lead a normal life as if nothing had happened?
He has no right to take human souls!
He should have been sentenced to death at the same time!
All these poor women and the young man he killed together are in a dead grave.
They did not do him anything wrong!
I do not believe him that he's sorry for what he did.
He cries only for himself.
This cruel devil is still alive, too bad.
roy davis
This thing is a piece of crap that should be in hell.
Leezamarie JPW
God will forgive and always forgives when we are sorry
Virginia Hines
Another sick pyscopaith, the Evil in these serial killers. These poor girls what must of went through there mind. Prayers for the families.
Tweety Kid
How could anybody do this to a 16 year old girl? Or to any woman for that matter?
Mary Hooper
My God...Horrible...
How do you'll think you're all now pretending that the so-called americas, africa, australasia, europe etc are over run with caucasians.

Yet another example of total disingenuous reporting, deceit, projection, deflection and collective caucasian denial.  

Oh and no death penalty because caucasian privilege doesn't really exist. Apparently he looked normal and everyone's shocked that this normal caucasian liked, enjoyed killing.
King Snowman
38:22 She nailed it right there.
King Snowman
24:57 There was something.. See the sudden look to the left. It say's otherwise.
Ronnie Bishop
Ted Buddy type.
Ronnie Bishop
My dad laid the first major gas lines in Spokane. In 1956. And Yakima and Boise Idaho. People weren't nuts back then up there like they are now, unless western Washington is different from the eastern part. ???
Trace Smith
True tv is fake tv. This tv does not know anything about America or it's culture. We DO NOT have prostitution. We DO NOT have solicitation. WE DO NOT HAVE THAT HERE ! ! There is no such thing. The minute these people labeled those women like that, they confessed to aiding and abbetting the death of those innocent people. That they were female was an aside. That they were American was the problem. Forigners are still going to speak foreign jibberish. You should not ever repeat it.
Jeff Hughes
If justice is to be served, why do we allow the perpetrator to have the last word or any word for that matter?
leeor shimhoni
why do they use the term "prostitutes". they are not.
they are sex workers. the linguistic connotations would suggest derogatory/negative offensive. those are very brave hard working woman. single mothers struggling to support their families.
they deserve more respect then ordinary woman.
I resent the label "prostitute ".
If a language reflects the mind's eye, something is all wrong here.
I can't understand how a man can murder a sex worker. what is the motive?
shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend
After he was caught did cops check the other places he had been stationed to find out if he committed more murders in any of those places ? IF not that might be a good idea .Maybe he was so confident about not being captured because he has a longer list of victims than they thought .
Judith Campbell
It's baffling how he had so many kids yet enjoyed killing.
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