Brazos Sand Bar - GoPro Testing out the new GoPro mount, inspired 4 months ago   00:59

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Testing out the new GoPro mount, inspired Brazos Sand Bar - GoPro 4 months ago   01:07

I built this mount this week in prep for the Southern States autocross championship in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Basics: Camera is mounted on a wooden block, that has bearings for the mounting to the Cinetics Skate Plate. The block has an arm/wing out the back to try to help keep it pointed in the forward direction as the car moves around.

This is a DIY mount inspired by the VectorMount.

This is the first video taken with it while driving around a neighborhood. We'll see what the video actually looks like on an autocross course this weekend.

This week, in preparation for the Southern States Championship SCCA Autocross in Blytheville Arkansas I build a new Camera mount.

You can see a photo of the mount here

For more information on this mount in the future check out