2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S 992 - Exterior Here's Why the Porsche Carrera GT Is the Greatest 2 days ago   04:59

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Comments 30 Comments

Peter Bradshaw
Those Fuchs inspired wheels have me drooling like a Pavlovian hound.
Tim Smith
Looks big in some videos and hella small in others, this is the case in this vid. Hope Porsche get away from the small toy like cars soon! For men with a manly body (6'4" 260lb muscular build) this won't work! I would have to drive the car sitting on top of the roof, Grape Ape style!😂
David Moreno
I love how they infused the past interior styling with present. Really elegant looking Porsche. The only thing that I’m wondering is if the performance on the track will be slower or just as good as the last years 991 model, considering this new car is heavier. Hmm I wonder 🧐
CNC-STEP / Fräsmaschinen
Thats it - what else
The front hood ruined it. its squared and doesnt match the rest of the style. by the way, I own a Porsche.
the rawness is no there any more, looks like a panamera for soccer woman
Jonny C
That shade of silver really shows well against the neutral grey of the floor
mario figueroa
the good thing about it is that now we can get a cheaper 991
BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill
Porsche just keeps *winning*
Doctor J
Bottom line... The car is SICK!!! Although I HATE the new shaver shifter, the rest of it is sublime!
Eithel Rotschild
1:20 look at the dash look at those 5 jumbo size buttons. It looks so incomplete which brings one word, insecurity. I guess this model will be for insecure amateur first time Porsche owners. Besides that, Porsche is in the marked using the 911 anyway possible to make money. I'm sure the coming 992 models will be much better looking inside and out, but why the very first 2020 992 had to look like the designers were mentally disturbed; another scheme to make money maybe.
Fantastic color!
youngestson 65
Exquisite. 💯
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Here's Why the Porsche Carrera GT Is the Greatest 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S 992 - Exterior 2 days ago   10:40

GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer

I recently got to drive the Porsche Carrera GT -- the single greatest car ever made. Here's how it went.


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