Electronics We Got in China & Taiwan, ft. Intel Opening the ULTIMATE PC! - Intel's 28 Core 2 days ago   25:16

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We picked up some cool electronics in China and Taiwan, some of which are not for public sale. We also stopped by SEG E-Market in Huaqianbei, Shenzhen.
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This video has some cool behind-the-scenes parts in it from MSI, like the Intel gauges for motherboard clearance, and an unpopulated 2080 Ti Kingpin PCB from EVGA. We also bought a knockoff SNES classic in SEG E-Market and picked up one of the cheapest CPU coolers on the market.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Keegan Gallick

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Learn how tempered glass is made here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/a8zoVfKPgGR
And learn why USB Type-C is so expensive here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/L1Gzgq51pyV
Jae Huang
your mandarin is impressive. seriously. Its alot more than most westerners know. props.
Tye Powers
"Bigger than fry's or microcenter" might be the biggest understatement of shenzen I've ever heard
Matthew Briffa
as soon as I saw that cooler, I had to check the comments for Zalman coolers. Sure enough, I'm not the only one who thought this... oh and i bet it's still better than the stock intel hsf.
Hunter's Moon
Those cheap knock-off consoles are crap, I have 2 of them and the games are turd.
Spir Al
Yes exactly the person who had to travel to China finally made it!! Cool. Very cool. Thanks gm and patrons
bonus Deus
The cooler looks like the old zalman ones from the early 2000's.
They were way more than 2$ but still almost couldnt cool an amd fx 4150 :D
16:51 Bose want to know your location....
the nforcer
Those naked PCB boards look so hot, this is basically porn for nerds.
the nforcer
Those naked PCB boards look so hot, this is basically porn for nerds.
I liked the clip of bartering :)
Ding Chavez
you do know that its illegal to bring counterfeit products into the US from other countries right ? i would delete this video before customs gets ahold of it and shows up at your door...
Alfred Cain
That X79 board is sold by ACHICOO on Amazon for the same price you paid (at least in Japan). Some useless info for you.
About $89 on Amazon US, by MFU. Even more useless info to aid digestion.
William Topping
I use a heatgun to superglue multi-national logos onto Politicians, but they are very tiny, if you don't look closely, you'll not see them.
Avak Avakian
The guy at 2:56 is my spirit animal
Alles ausser das Kingpin PCB ist Müll :)
Heh, that knockoff gameboy seems to be a knockoff of a bittboy.
dude thats some special tea there man! i was in taiwan that shit is expensive!! (and i love it, best tea in the world)
Gekko Trasher
Хуананы едут в Америку
Kristoffer Johnsen
Chinese X79 boards are kinda cool. You can overclock e5 V1/2 Xeons and they support cheap registered ECC memory.
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Opening the ULTIMATE PC! - Intel's 28 Core Electronics We Got in China & Taiwan, ft. Intel 2 days ago   1:58:26

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