Electronics We Got in China & Taiwan, ft. Intel Opening the ULTIMATE PC! - Intel's 28 Core 2 months ago   25:16

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We picked up some cool electronics in China and Taiwan, some of which are not for public sale. We also stopped by SEG E-Market in Huaqianbei, Shenzhen.
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This video has some cool behind-the-scenes parts in it from MSI, like the Intel gauges for motherboard clearance, and an unpopulated 2080 Ti Kingpin PCB from EVGA. We also bought a knockoff SNES classic in SEG E-Market and picked up one of the cheapest CPU coolers on the market.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Keegan Gallick

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Opening the ULTIMATE PC! - Intel's 28 Core Electronics We Got in China & Taiwan, ft. Intel 2 months ago   1:58:26

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Time for another BIG unboxing...