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We get a tour of one of the more unique homes in Utah. Hank Lewis from Gigaplex Architects shows us Earl's Silo in Woodland.

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Beth Bartlett
Would enjoy inhabiting a Silo - yet I would want to highlight the Aluminum - and use an existing structure.

They offer one a limitless Creative pallet. 💫
Joe Scheller
since when did they start calling grain bins silos, a silo is for storing silage and these are for storing grain two very different applications
Shades of Grey
Good idea, nice and aerodynamic for high winds. Didn't seen any solar or wind power, maybe in near future.
Beezy Talking Shit
Wouldn't this be a lightning magnet?
Any idea with the total cost of one of these would be with all the appliances and what not?
Dan Murphy
Would Love to see how this went up? I ready for the next 8 rings to be put up on mine...
this is soooooooooooooo cool!! i want one.
connect 3 or maybe 4 of these together for a large home, definately something I'll be considering.
excellent have thought of this many times myself, im with others i think artistically the beds are the most interesting!
Daisy D
This is too cool ya'll!
Brilliant. I am considering a quansit home. A person can be in and out of the weather in one day!!
It's so unique. I'd rather have of these than a regular house. Not to mention the price. A regular house is like 200k and up, these are only a few thousand? Count me in.
This guy talks in monotone and puts me to sleep.
I love them recessed beds. They's perfect.
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