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How To Make A Metal Roof Insert | - At Up-Tube.com

How to Make a Metal Roof Insert 4 months ago   23:46

IronTrap Garage
In this episode we make a metal insert for the Pagoda City Coupe. Matt goes over the correct steps needed to build one for your own Coupe. Our good friend Jerry upholstered the top for a killer old school tuck and roll look. Thanks for watching! Be sure to like and subscribe to keep track of all of our builds and adventures.

- Tools Used -

- Vintage FJ Edwards English Wheel
- Wiss Aviation Snips - https://www.eastwood.com/wiss-aviation-snips-m2r-right.html?SRCCODE=1VD5533
- Milwaukee M18 Cordless Drill
- Eastwood Cleco System - https://www.eastwood.com/panel-holding-system.html?SRCCODE=1VD5533
- Eastwood Tig 200 Digital - https://www.eastwood.com/tig-200-digital.html?SRCCODE=1VD5533
- Eastwood Contour SCT - https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-contour-sct.html?SRCCODE=1VD5533
- Eastwood X-MAT Underhood - https://www.eastwood.com/x-mat-underhood-and-headliner-51x39x1-4.html?SRCCODE=1VD5533
- Eastwood X-MAT Application Roller - https://www.eastwood.com/x-mat-application-roller-tool.html?SRCCODE=1VD5533

Comments 29 Comments

Robert Ironside
How long you figure that outside upholstery will last before the weather takes it out? Maybe someday simulate the pleats with a beaded panel? Take a bit of work but... bead the panel and then weld it in for good. Have bead it with extra material on the first measure then trim it after the beads to it's final width. Same look but more permanent.
Many don't realize that all Ford A Models have a double convex roof,in that it bends front to back & side to side. I found the easiest way when you want to make it original,is to use new wood across the roof & then cut 6" 3 ply plywood strips to run front to back. By the time you attach long grain vinyl over the whole area as supplied by LeBarron Bonney, it really looks better than original.
william worden
Thanks Matt.
william worden
Matt, what was the spacing on the bolts for the top and the size....I'm agonizing over how to do mine (30 coupe ).
Chas Riggs
Earned: TOTAL Respect
Earned: 1 New Sub
Earned: My jealousy!!!!
Miles What Nots
Gorgeous work
51 Vicky
Hey Matt it's matt here in nashville TN. I'm building my first AV8 and need some serious advise..I'm getting all my parts together, so far I've got.. I've got a 31 roadster ( original car). I bought a 40 ford coupe and pulled the flathead v8 and trans. But then I sold the rest of the 40. Now I'm hearing that I should have used the 40 front axle and brakes and rear end out if it. So I can buy another 40 ford sedan for 1500 bucks. It's a junk heap but has complete drive train and front/ rear end with beakes. Should I but it for the front end and rear with brakes? What about steering? Should I put the 40 steering in it? What's your opinion? Thanks.
I like coupes better the roadsters
Great work as always
Nafta Boy
Keep em´coming! True Hotrodders!
Thanks...that's the one I wanted to see.
Geoff Smith
Matt...awesome ..love the whole series...keep up the "realness" to the videos... best builds...
Looks really great. Love the patina and color on that coupe.
Barry Lenhart
Looks great.
Jesse Jelen
Great work on the car, ditto on the music being too loud. The intro music on all of the videos is quite louder than the dialogue.
Very nice showing the effort needed. My compliant is why does the music need to be so loud? 🙂
Caleb Taylor
nice coupe done the right way
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How to Make a Metal Roof Insert 4 months ago   03:39