Khalid - Talk (Official Video) Mariah Carey - A No No 2 weeks ago   03:13

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Hla Balhas
Khalid makes only gold songs. I've never listened to a song of him and thought that it was bad!
Dang Novapee
Jimins Wifey
Wtf the song sounds like IU Bbibbi (I do not know how to spell it)
Bian Adit
im in united kingdom once (with my vpn lol) thiis song is banned why uk? anyone can explain?
Ashish John Kujur
Khalid just rocks
Val love love
Vibes for days love this guy . can we just talk about how cool the video is .
Me myself
Umtiti going great!
bubba talks hip-hop
0:07 - shes sexy....
Bravo junior
Am i the only one who is reading this comments while listening to the cool 😎 vibes.
damian hernandez
Can’t stop listening to this song fck
damian hernandez
damian hernandez
Um his voice is unexpectedly amazing!!!
Axcel Ace
Best, most colourful music video ever
Khairul Khabir
Can we just TALK?
Can we use HAND..
Signature Blaque
I’m here for the black beauty
emmanuel hall
And I'm what you want.. so top thinking bout it💯
This sounds like a cauterized Khalid. Very unoriginal and formulaic.
Laura Quiroga
Beautiful voice!! You are amazing
joy Princesses
I like it😍😍
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Mariah Carey - A No No Khalid - Talk (Official Video) 2 weeks ago   03:13

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