10 Players To WATCH Next Season! 10 Biggest Mysteries In Football! 2 days ago   12:53

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The season kicks off this time next week, so we're taking a look at the players who are likely to make the headlines during next seasons campaign!


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Raymond Bahana
Most of these players are from the Premier League
Where is Kai Havertz ,Julian Brandt ,Rodrygo ,Nicholas Pepe?
They need to start respecting Phil Foden
Brody Grogan
Jadon Sancho
callum clancy
phil foden won't even get into the man city starting eleven... yet you chose him over hudson odoi, abraham, daniel james... absolute clowns
That's me unsubscribed, how many errors this mong want to say. Jeeze! I'm sticking with that Irish guy with the scarf, bye
IDesign Thumbnails
Ozil was robbed
Slobo Janjić
You should watch out for Marko Marin!
Thought Joao Felix was going to flop? I can accept that you guys have your opinions on players but please don’t say one thing about a player one week then the complete opposite the next.
Android 17
Ju-Ah-Um FÉ-lix.
Learn the proper pronunciation, you'll need it in a few years when you're making Best XI videos
i think Phil Foden is overhyped and he is not as good as media says he is and Pep ahaha he is kissing them then he is selling them thats how it goes brahhh
he is just a shitty jesse lingard he is just a shitty jesse lingaaardddd
Senan Mackeogh
Lol you say check Adam's is promising but in another video you said he was going to flop make up your mind🤣
You guys are just throwing random names now ?
Che Adam's? Yous also added him on the video of top 10 players that'll flop this season.
Ronny Quatre
I think u have miss PAQUETA....
Everyone reading my comment must remember this name LUCAS PAQUETA
what about the best youngster in the world?
Dan DA little Man
Do de jong or de ligt?
Dan DA little Man
Unfortunately, Arsenal have David Luiz now..
Whuuuut???Rabiot..Mon Dieu...Let me laugh
De Jong? De ligt?
Glyn Robinson
How can you not give Harry Wilson a shout
Viraj Vadde
What a shit list u guys are quite terrible at ur job 😂
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10 Biggest Mysteries In Football! 10 Players To WATCH Next Season! 2 days ago   09:37

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Mysterious thing happen in the world of Football, Ronaldo paid to switch nations?! Fake footballers?! & the real age of certain players?! Let us know in the comments your theories on these bizarre stories!

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