Dumb Things In Civil War That Marvel Characters Who Would ABSOLUTELY 2 days ago   07:01

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Fans agree: Captain America: Civil War is one of the best superhero movies ever made. But just because it's awesome doesn't mean it's perfect. We're more than willing to forgive Marvel their few mistakes, but in the spirit of constructive criticism, here's a look at some of the dumb things in Captain America: Civil War that everyone just ignored...

Tony Stark's terrible phone | 0:17
That security camera on a nowhere back road | 1:03
How'd they make that Spidey suit so fast? | 1:37
That scheme's not what it seems… | 2:08
Whatever happened to that doomsday virus? | 3:26
Where were Nick Fury and SHIELD? | 4:01
Flip-floppers | 4:59
The recruits don't fit | 5:30

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Hiro Filipinas
I bet you watched this movies more than once, and all you do is to look for some dumb things that you can criticize. Guess what, you just watched a fiction movie, Duh!
Why wasn't the Winter Soldier aka Bucky wearing his trademark glasses & face mask like he did in C.A. the winter soldier.Also when Ross is showing footage of the 'So called Damage' caused by the Avengers - he seems to forget that the first two - 1. the Chitauri invasion was caused by Shield aka the government experimenting on the Tesseract. 2. The fall of shield in Washington was also the govts fault for not seeing that Hydra was the root cause 3. Tony was responsible for Ultron hands down. 4. The bomb incident that caused the Sokovia accords was also the failure of the Govt for not making sure that biological weapons were easily available to steal. So nothing that Ross accused them of is their actual doing - except Ultron as I said that one's on Tony
Jon Reese
spiderman suit answered in Far from Home
If it's dumb and everyone ignored it, that means it's not dumb right???
Nia Iman
the whole thing
Abhi j
How'd they make dat spidey suit so fast? Bruh hes tony stark he made an impossible to synthesise element in his damn basement!!
Barton Bella
Hawkeye came back because Cap didn't tell him everything. He just said gov't controls Tony, blah blah, THEN as Clint is holding his son(u know the one) ,he hit him with "I totally was totally gonna sign then Tony told me he is keeping Wanda locked up in the compound. Then he went after my brain damaged friend, gee whiz, golly he sure is mean..." Ok maybe not Just like that but...Hawkeye will Always take care of Wanda. He might have worked from the gov't but let's not forget, Only Fury knew where he lives. He doesn't trust the gov't.
tony fox
You really think between tony stark meeting peter & Germany is only a few hours?
1:36 You do realize that in Avengers, Iron Man was at MK 7, but in Iron Man 3, which takes place months later, he's at MK 42. Long story short : Yes, Tony can build suits fast if he wants to. And seeing how, according to himself, he was already keeping an eye on Spider-Man, enough to already figure out his secret identity, then obviously he could have already prepared the suit. And if it's Stark's hobby to design things for his friends? According to Tony in Age of Ultron "I just pay for everything, and design everything and make everyone look cooler." Key parts here being *design everything and make everyone look cooler* . Yes, he probably has a hobby of designing suits for the other Avengers.
One thing you missed was that they were all still friends in the end. Aside from Iron Man and Captain America, no one else actually had any grudge for the other superheroes. Hawkeye and Black Widow even both joke about how they’re still friends even though they’re fighting. Point being that the Avengers didn’t really break up just that a bunch of them had to leave as fugitives. They clearly get along just fine when teaming up in Infinity War so idk I didn’t feel like there were many stakes.
YES TONY WAS SECRETLY WORKING ON A SPIDEY SUIT BEFORE MEETING PETER PARKER THAT IS SO LIKE HIM!!! He’s the kind of person who goes in expecting people to agree to his offers. This is shown when he presents Peter with a pre-made Iron Spider suit before asking him to join the Avengers. He’s even struck when Peter turns down the offer.
Its boyaknow
Tony had definitely already made the Spider-Man suit before he even went to try and recruit Peter. He had been watching him already that’s why he knew about him. He didn’t just find out about Spider-Man THAT day. Also yeah Tony DEFINITELY designs the suits for the whole team. I can’t remember which movie but Maria Hill walks in and calls Tony “Boss” to which Tony replies no he’s the boss (Cap) I just pay for everything and make everyone look cool.
Sinjin Reed
About Zemo’s plot mainly hinging on luck? That’s what I love about it. If he was some kind of super-psychic that somehow accounted for and anticipated everything, it would’ve hurt the realism of the whole film.

What makes _Civil War_ work isn’t some unseen puppet master orchestrating everything in the shadows *cough*BvS*cough*, but the whole thing was really just a big bubbling pot of shit-stew that’s been cooking resentfully for who-knows-how-long that picked the exact worst moment to boil over.

Just like in real life.

I’m sure everybody has had one of those really bad days where it seemed like _everything_ just unanimously decided to fall apart (I know I have).
Benjamin Lura
I love Civil War but it's not the best MCU movie at all. I thought Zemo was a pointless villain and didnt need to exist. The movie would have worked exact same way if Zemo havent been there.
Bucky Barnes
Literally through out this whole video I answered each one of these things they called “dumb”.

A broken camera still has footage that can be accessed.
Scott helped Steve because it’s like the president asking you to help him, you don’t say no! Clint is friends with Steve while it’s obvious no one really likes Tony all that much (except Rhodey) and Clint understood why Steve was doing what he was doing for Bucky. Clint did the same for Natasha.
Who gives a shit about Tony’s phone.
Zemo’s plan should have worked even if Tony didn’t go to that place. Zemo could have easily had backup plans. He could have leaked it to the internet or anything else. He wanted to see them kicking each other’s ass so he KNEW his mission was successful so he could of killed himself (until T’Challa stopped the bullet).
Tony has to get all the allies he could get, including a high schooler.
Hydra being shoved into Civil War was there to trigger Steve and start the accords. The virus was to give the Avengers a reason to attack Hydra.
SHIELD and Fury were underground MEANING the government would have gone fucking insane if they found out they were still around.
And finally, the government doesn’t care if they do something wrong, what they did in Civil War, blaming the Avengers instead of themselves, is very realistic.
Paul Bouse
Right this dude is dumb as fuck half this stuff does make sense and some of it don't matter if they had other shit going on like hey dumbass maybe shield chased down the ppl that were after the virus???? Like idk what to say I never thought someone could be so dumb..
Humayun Arif
Just one word looper fuck off
Shield was destroyed and ended in Winter Soldier.
Well he made mark 3 in five hours
so much ignorance in this video
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